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Siskiyou County Superior Court – Dorris Branch

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Siskiyou County Superior Court – Dorris Branch

Introduction to Siskiyou County Superior Court – Dorris Branch

The Siskiyou County Superior Court Dorris Branch serves the northern area of Siskiyou County in California. As part of the Superior Court system, it handles a variety of cases at the trial court level. The courthouse is located in the small town of Dorris.

Overview of Siskiyou County Superior Court System

The Siskiyou County Superior Court is part of the California trial court system. There are two courthouse locations – the main courthouse in Yreka and the branch courthouse in Dorris. The court hears both criminal and civil cases, including traffic infractions, small claims, family law, probate, and general civil lawsuits. Appeals from Superior Court decisions go to the California Court of Appeal.

History and Background of Dorris Courthouse Branch

The Dorris Courthouse was built in 1941 as a branch of the Siskiyou County Superior Court system. Dorris is a small rural town located about 30 miles north of Yreka near the Oregon border. The courthouse was established to bring the court closer to residents in northern Siskiyou County. For many years, it housed a judge who handled cases one or two days per week. Today, a judge still travels to Dorris regularly to hear cases in the historic one-courtroom courthouse.

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Services Offered at Dorris Courthouse

The Dorris Courthouse provides a range of court services and handles various case types for northern Siskiyou County residents. Services offered include processing new case filings, holding hearings and trials for civil and criminal cases, providing mediation and other alternative dispute resolution options, and accepting payments for fines and fees. Help with forms and accessing case records is also available.

Court Locations and Contact Information

The Dorris Courthouse is located at:

Address and Phone Number

207 South Main Street
Dorris, CA 96023

Phone: (530) 397-5685

Hours of Operation

The Dorris Courthouse is open from 8:00am to 12:00pm and 1:00pm to 3:00pm, Monday through Friday. It is closed on state holidays. Court hearings are generally scheduled on Wednesdays when the judge is present.

Getting to the Courthouse

The courthouse is located on Main Street in downtown Dorris. Free public parking is available near the courthouse. Dorris is accessible from Highway 97 and is about a 40 minute drive south of Klamath Falls, Oregon. Those using public transportation can take the Klamath Shuttle with stops in Dorris.

Types of Cases Handled

The Dorris Courthouse handles a variety of cases, both criminal and civil. Some of the main case types include:

Criminal Cases

Criminal cases involving misdemeanor and felony charges are heard in Dorris, such as DUIIs, petty theft, and assault. Defendants have initial appearances, arraignments, hearings, and trials at the courthouse.

Civil Cases

For residents of northern Siskiyou County, the Dorris Courthouse hears small claims cases as well as some general civil lawsuits up to $25,000. Common cases involve contract disputes, personal injury, and property damage.

Family Law Cases

Family law matters like legal separation, divorce, child custody and support are handled at the Dorris Courthouse. Mediation services may also be available for family law cases.

Probate Cases

Probate proceedings for estates, guardianships, and conservatorships take place in Dorris for those who reside in the area. The court oversees distribution of assets and administration of estates.

Small Claims Cases

Small claims cases up to $10,000 can be filed and heard before the judge at the Dorris Courthouse. Frequent small claims involve consumer complaints, security deposit disputes, and money owed.

Traffic Cases

Traffic infractions can be resolved at the courthouse, including speeding tickets, stop sign violations, DUIs, and reckless driving charges. Defendants can appeal tickets, request hearings, or attend traffic school.

Courtroom Technology and Online Services

The Dorris Courthouse utilizes various technologies to improve court services:

Courtroom Technology Overview

While Dorris only has one courtroom, it is equipped with modern technology. The judge has access to video conferencing, electronic recording methods, and other tools to enhance proceedings and hearings.

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Online Case Access and E-Filing

Many court records can be accessed online through the Siskiyou County Superior Court website. Certain case types also allow e-filing of documents directly through the site.

Online Payment Options

Court fees and fines can often be paid online through the court’s website. Traffic tickets, civil filing fees, and criminal fines may have a remote payment option.

Working With the Dorris Courthouse

Those who need to access the Dorris Courthouse should know:

Court Staff and Personnel

The courthouse has a small staff, usually 3-4 people, who provide clerical support, assist customers, answer questions, and process paperwork. Security staff are also on-site.

Contacting the Court

You can call the courthouse at (530) 397-5685 or visit to ask questions and get information. Email and online chat options are limited. Calling ahead about specific cases is recommended.

Attorney Resources and Admissions

Attorneys can be admitted to practice in Dorris and access court records. The Siskiyou County Bar Association provides resources for local lawyers. Pro per litigants can get help with forms and procedures.

Juror Information

Those called for jury duty at the Dorris Courthouse can request excuses and postponements by mail, phone, or in person. The court has limited jurors and trials due to its small size.

Online Court Resources for Siskiyou County

Courts today provide many services and resources online. For Siskiyou County, online options allow conducting court business remotely without needing to visit the courthouse in person. This article outlines key online resources for common court tasks like searching records, getting forms, making payments, and getting legal help.

Searching Court Records and Information

Searching Court Case Records

The Siskiyou County Superior Court offers an online case records search at for civil and criminal cases. The search requires case number entry and returns case details like future hearing dates, parties, and documents filed. There is no fee to search cases.

Viewing Court Dockets, Calendars and Case Information

Court calendars by date and case type can be viewed online at This assists with confirming court dates and times.

Accessing Published Court Opinions and Orders

Published legal opinions in cases can be researched online dating back to 1985 for the California Attorney General at This provides a free way to research previous court rulings on legal issues and arguments.

Getting Court Forms and Documents

Downloading Local and Statewide Court Forms

The Siskiyou County Superior Court website offers many local forms available for download at Statewide California forms can be searched and downloaded from

Using Interactive Online Court Forms

TurboCourt offers an interactive online interview process to complete proper California court forms based on responses to questions. Family law, evictions, small claims, and other civil areas are included. Register at to create forms for a fee.

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Obtaining Court Rules and Legal Information

The Siskiyou County local court rules can be viewed at Rules for all California courts are at The California Courts website at also has extensive legal information and self-help resources.

Making Payments to the Court

Paying Traffic Tickets and Fines Online

Traffic tickets and fines from Siskiyou County Superior Court can be paid online at with Visa, MasterCard, Discover or debit card for a fee. Payment plans can also be paid online.

Getting Legal Help and Representation

Using Self-Help Resources

The Superior Court website offers self-help information at The court has a Self-Help Center and Family Law Facilitator. Additional self-help resources are at

Finding Low Cost or Free Legal Assistance

Northern California Legal Aid at provides free civil legal services in the region. The California Courts website lists other free and low cost legal aid providers at

Hiring an Attorney

The State Bar of California allows searching their attorney directory. They also offer a lawyer referral service search by county at


Key Resources for Siskiyou County Superior Court

The Siskiyou County Superior Court website at offers access to records, forms, payments and assistance. The California Courts website at has extensive resources. Northern California Legal Aid provides regional help.

Online Access Improves Court Experience

Accessing court services and resources online can make the process easier without needing to visit the courthouse in person. Online options allow people to access the Siskiyou County Superior Court system more efficiently.

In summary, the Dorris Courthouse allows northern Siskiyou County residents to access Superior Court services locally. The historic courthouse handles both criminal and civil cases and utilizes modern technologies. With knowledgeable staff and a visiting judge, this small branch upholds the mission of justice services in rural California.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main case types heard at Dorris Courthouse?

The Dorris Courthouse handles small claims, traffic tickets, criminal misdemeanors, civil lawsuits under $25,000, family law, probate, and some felony arraignments and hearings. More serious criminal cases are heard in Yreka.

How can I look up a court case at Dorris Courthouse?

Case records can be searched online through the Siskiyou County Superior Court website. You can also visit or call the courthouse for information on specific cases and hearings.

Are jury trials held at the Dorris Courthouse?

Yes, the courthouse can hold jury trials, but they are less frequent due to the small size. For larger cases, trials may be transferred to the Yreka main courthouse.

What days and times is Dorris Courthouse open?

It is open 8:00am to 12:00pm and 1:00pm to 3:00pm on weekdays, except for state holidays when it is closed. The judge is only present one or two days per week, usually Wednesdays.

Can I pay a traffic ticket online for Dorris Courthouse?

Yes, the court allows online payment of traffic fines and fees through its website. You will need your ticket number and other identifying details to process the payment.

Q: What are the business hours for Siskiyou County Superior Court?

A: The court locations in Yreka, Dorris, and Weed are generally open Monday-Friday from 8:30am-4pm, except holidays. Check the court website for specific hours.

Q: How can I get a fee waiver for a Siskiyou County Superior Court case filing?

A: You can complete and submit the fee waiver request form FW-001 which is available on the court website. It requires financial details to show inability to pay fees.

Q: What identification do I need to enter the Siskiyou County Superior courthouse?

A: You will need a valid, current government-issued photo ID to enter the courthouse. Examples include a driver’s license, passport, or military ID.

Q: How can I get a restraining order from Siskiyou County Superior Court?

A: You can file for a domestic violence restraining order using the DV-100 request form. The court website has information on the process and forms required.

Q: What numbers do I call for juror information for Siskiyou County Superior Court?

A: Call 530-842-0189 for the Yreka location or 530-397-5663 for the Dorris location for juror information. The court website also has juror resources.

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