Northern District of Mississippi

The Northern District of Mississippi is one of two federal judicial districts in the state of Mississippi. It covers 33 counties in the northern half of the state. The court is based in Oxford but holds sessions in several cities across its jurisdiction. The Northern District has played an important role in Mississippi’s legal history, handling cases related to civil rights, organized crime, and other prominent issues. Today, the court oversees a diverse caseload ranging from drug crimes to complex civil litigation. Its broad geography encompasses college towns, agricultural regions, the Delta blues country, and more. This article will provide an overview of the Northern District of Mississippi, its history, operations, geography, economy, and landmarks.

Overview of the Northern District of Mississippi

The Northern District of Mississippi extends across the northern half of the state. It reaches as far south as Grenada, Yalobusha, and Chickasaw counties. The district covers rugged hill country, fertile farmland along the Mississippi River, and historic cities like Oxford and Corinth.

Location and Geography

Geographically, the district spans 33 counties across north and northwestern Mississippi. Most of the district lies within the East Gulf Coastal Plain, marked by forested hills, prairies, and rich river bottomlands. The eastern side includes parts of the flat Mississippi Delta region. Major cities in the district include Oxford, Starkville, Corinth, Greenville, and Clarksdale.

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The Northern District is headquartered at the United States Courthouse in Oxford. Other divisional courthouses are located in Aberdeen, Ackerman, Clarksdale, Corinth, and Greenville. Judges regularly hold court sessions in all five cities. The stately Oxford courthouse was built in 1940 and expanded in 2000.

Federal Agencies

Several federal agencies have operations within the Northern District of Mississippi. These include the US Attorney’s Office, US Marshals Service, FBI, ATF, DEA, IRS, and US Secret Service. There are also federal courthouses and post offices throughout the district.


The Northern District of Mississippi has its roots in the early 19th century but has evolved significantly over time. Key events in its history include:

Establishment and Early Years

Mississippi originally had one federal judicial district when it entered statehood in 1817. In 1838, Congress divided it into Northern and Southern districts. The Northern District initially covered 23 counties above Latitude 33° North. The district saw cases related to land claims, river navigation, and slavery in its early years.

Key Cases and Developments

The Northern District played a major role in civil rights cases of the 1950s and 60s. Landmark cases like Meredith v. Fair and NAACP v. Claiborne Hardware Company originated in the district. It also handled high-profile mob trials related to killings of civil rights activists. More recently, the court has overseen cases involving health care fraud, terrorism, and drug trafficking.

District Operations

The Northern District runs its day-to-day operations out of the Oxford courthouse and satellite courthouses.

Judges and Staff

The court has four active district judges and two magistrate judges. Judge Sharion Aycock currently serves as the Chief Judge. The court employs the clerk’s office staff, probation officers, court reporters, and other personnel.

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Caseload and Court Business

The Northern District handles a high volume of criminal cases, including drug/weapons charges, white collar crime, and immigration. Its civil caseload includes personal injury suits, employment disputes, property cases, and contractual disputes. In 2021, nearly 1,000 cases were filed in the district.

Notable Cases

Some major cases arising from the Northern District include United States v. Morris, involving Ku Klux Klan murders; prosecution of Ponzi scheme operators in US v. Stanford; and Block v. Community Healthcare Solutions, examining healthcare rights.

Demographics and Economy

The Northern District of Mississippi encompasses a wide range of communities, including college towns, impoverished Delta areas, and rapidly growing suburbs.

Population Centers

The largest cities are Tupelo (near 40,000 people), Starkville (over 25,000), Oxford (23,000+), and Corinth (around 15,000). Smaller towns include Hernando, Charleston, New Albany, and Pontotoc.

Economic Drivers

Key industries include agriculture (corn, soybeans, cotton), manufacturing, education, and some technology/research. Tupelo is a retail hub, Starkville revolves around Mississippi State University, and Oxford has book publishing. The Delta is known for catfish farming and blues music tourism.

Landmarks and Attractions

The Northern District contains many cultural and historical attractions related to Mississippi’s music, literature, and civil rights heritage.

Cities and Points of Interest

Oxford has literary sites like Faulkner’s home Rowan Oak and Square Books bookstore. Tupelo is the birthplace of Elvis Presley. Clarksdale features Delta blues museums and festivals. Corinth marks a Civil War battle site. Starkville offers Mississippi State sporting events and concerts.

Museums and Historical Sites

The district houses blues museums in Clarksdale, Tupelo, and Jacskon. Civil rights sites include the Emmett Till Museum in Glendora and the Meredith statue at Ole Miss. There are also several parks, monuments, and historical buildings throughout the region.

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The Northern District of Mississippi serves as an important judicial body overseeing a diverse region of the state. Its long history has intersected with events like the Civil War, civil rights movement, and major criminal trials. The court today continues to handle an array of cases and protect constitutional rights. The district’s vibrant cities, landmarks, and varied economy illustrate the breadth of communities within its borders. The Northern District will likely maintain an eventful and demanding docket for years to come.


How many judges serve on the Northern District of Mississippi?

The Northern District of Mississippi has four active district court judges and two magistrate judges.

What is the population of the Northern District?

The total population of the Northern District is around 1.2 million people. Key cities include Tupelo, Starkville, Oxford, and Corinth.

What types of cases does the court handle?

The Northern District handles a wide mix of civil and criminal cases. These include drug crimes, corporate disputes, personal injury suits, white collar cases, and civil rights claims.

Where are the courthouses located?

The main courthouse is in Oxford. Other courthouses are located in Aberdeen, Ackerman, Clarksdale, Corinth, and Greenville.

When was the Northern District established?

Congress established the Northern District of Mississippi in 1838 when it split Mississippi into two judicial districts.

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