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Lehigh County Courthouse: A Historical Landmark of Justice and Community


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The Lehigh County Courthouse stands tall as a symbol of justice and civic importance in the heart of Lehigh County, Pennsylvania. With its rich history, magnificent architecture, and crucial role in the local judicial system, the courthouse serves as a pillar of the community. This article dives into the fascinating aspects of the Lehigh County Courthouse, shedding light on its significance, functions, services, and impact on the local community.

Introduction to Lehigh County Courthouse

Nestled in the city of Allentown, the Lehigh County Courthouse is a grand building that has served as the judicial hub of the county since its construction in the 19th century. It embodies the principles of justice, fairness, and equality, providing a dignified setting for legal proceedings and community engagement.

History and Architecture of Lehigh County Courthouse

The Lehigh County Courthouse boasts a rich history that dates back to its establishment in 1812. Initially built in a Neoclassical architectural style, the courthouse underwent significant renovations and expansions over the years, blending elements of Greek Revival and Renaissance Revival styles. The iconic dome, Corinthian columns, and intricate detailing make it a true architectural gem.

Location and Accessibility of Lehigh County Courthouse

Strategically located in the heart of Allentown, the Lehigh County Courthouse is easily accessible to residents and visitors alike. Its central position ensures convenient transportation options and nearby amenities, making it a convenient destination for those seeking justice or participating in court-related matters.

Functions and Services Provided at Lehigh County Courthouse

The Lehigh County Courthouse serves as the primary venue for various legal proceedings, including criminal trials, civil cases, and family court matters. It houses multiple courtrooms, administrative offices, and support services that cater to the needs of judges, attorneys, jurors, and the general public. Moreover, it offers essential services such as marriage licenses, record searches, and notary public services.

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Judicial System and Court Proceedings at Lehigh County Courthouse

At the Lehigh County Courthouse, a well-structured judicial system ensures fair and efficient delivery of justice. The courts uphold the rule of law, provide a platform for the resolution of disputes, and safeguard the rights of individuals. From arraignments and hearings to trials and sentencing, the courthouse witnesses a multitude of court proceedings that shape the legal landscape of Lehigh County.

Notable Cases and Legal Milestones at Lehigh County Courthouse

Throughout its history, the Lehigh County Courthouse has witnessed numerous notable cases and legal milestones that have shaped local jurisprudence. Landmark trials, groundbreaking judgments, and significant legal reforms have all contributed to the courthouse’s legacy. These cases have had far-reaching impacts, setting legal precedents and guiding future legal decisions.

Technology and Innovation at Lehigh County Courthouse

In an era of technological advancements, the Lehigh County Courthouse embraces innovation to enhance its efficiency and accessibility. From electronic filing systems and digital court records to videoconferencing for remote appearances, technology plays a vital role in streamlining court operations and improving access to justice for all.

Community Outreach Programs and Events at Lehigh County Courthouse

Beyond its judicial functions, the Lehigh County Courthouse actively engages with the community through various outreach programs and events. Educational initiatives, legal aid clinics, and courthouse tours are just a few examples of how the courthouse fosters public understanding of the legal system and encourages civic participation.

Supporting Staff and Departments at Lehigh County Courthouse

The Lehigh County Courthouse operates through the collective efforts of a dedicated team of judges, court staff, and supporting departments. From court clerks and bailiffs to probation officers and court reporters, these professionals ensure the smooth functioning of the courthouse and provide invaluable support to the justice system.

Visitor Information and Amenities at Lehigh County Courthouse

For those visiting the Lehigh County Courthouse, ample visitor information and amenities are available to ensure a comfortable and seamless experience. From directions and parking facilities to waiting areas and information desks, the courthouse strives to create a welcoming environment for all who step through its doors.

Security Measures and Protocols at Lehigh County Courthouse

Maintaining the safety and security of all individuals within the courthouse premises is of paramount importance. The Lehigh County Courthouse implements rigorous security measures and protocols to safeguard the well-being of visitors, staff, and legal professionals. Strict access controls, screening procedures, and trained security personnel ensure a secure environment.

Future Developments and Expansions of Lehigh County Courthouse

With the passage of time, the Lehigh County Courthouse continues to evolve and adapt to the changing needs of the community and the justice system. Planned future developments and expansions aim to enhance the courthouse’s capacity, incorporate modern facilities, and accommodate the growing demands of a dynamic legal landscape.

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Impact of Lehigh County Courthouse on the Local Community

The Lehigh County Courthouse extends its impact beyond its physical walls, playing a vital role in the social fabric of the local community. It serves as a beacon of justice, promotes accountability, and contributes to the overall well-being of Lehigh County. The courthouse’s influence resonates not only within legal circles but also among residents who recognize its significance.

Lehigh County Courthouse Address

The Lehigh County Courthouse is located at:

Address: 455 Hamilton Street, Allentown, PA 18101

Situated on Hamilton Street in the heart of Allentown, the courthouse is easily accessible and serves as the central hub for various legal proceedings and services.

Lehigh County Courthouse Directory

The courthouse directory consists of various offices and departments that play essential roles in the functioning of the judicial system. Here are some key offices you may find in the directory:

  • Office of the District Attorney
  • Office of the Public Defender
  • Domestic Relations Section
  • Office of Adult Probation and Parole
  • Family Court Services
  • Juvenile Probation Office
  • Register of Wills/Clerk of the Orphans’ Court
  • Sheriff’s Office

The directory provides valuable contact information for these offices, allowing individuals to reach out for specific inquiries or assistance.

Lehigh County Court Case Search

To search for court cases in Lehigh County, you can utilize the online resources provided by the courthouse. The official website offers a user-friendly search tool that allows you to access court records and case information. By entering relevant details such as names, case numbers, or filing dates, you can retrieve the desired information about court cases in Lehigh County.

Lehigh County Courthouse Phone Number

The Lehigh County Courthouse can be contacted through its main phone number, which is:

Phone: (610) 782-3000

Whether you need general information, have specific inquiries, or wish to connect with a particular office or department within the courthouse, calling the main phone number is a reliable way to seek assistance.

Lehigh County Criminal Records Search

If you are looking for criminal records in Lehigh County, the courthouse provides access to a comprehensive database of such records. By following the designated procedures and guidelines, individuals can search for and obtain relevant criminal records. This service helps in conducting background checks, ensuring transparency, and promoting public safety.

Lehigh County Court of Common Pleas

The Lehigh County Court of Common Pleas is the main trial court in the county. It handles civil, criminal, family, and Orphans’ Court matters. Judges presiding over the Court of Common Pleas ensure fair proceedings, uphold the rule of law, and render just decisions based on the merits of each case.

Lehigh County Public Records

Lehigh County Courthouse provides access to public records, which are vital for government transparency and citizen engagement. These records may include court records, property records, vital records, and more. By following the prescribed procedures and guidelines, individuals can request and obtain public records for various purposes, such as research, legal matters, or personal records.

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Lehigh County Court Administration

The Court Administration office at the Lehigh County Courthouse oversees the management and coordination of court operations. It provides administrative support to judges, court staff, and various departments within the courthouse. Court administration ensures efficient case flow management, coordinates jury services, and maintains the overall functioning of the judicial system.

Lehigh County Clerk of Courts

The Clerk of Courts office plays a critical role in maintaining court records, handling administrative tasks, and providing assistance to the public. It is responsible for processing and managing court documents, scheduling hearings, collecting fines and fees, and assisting individuals with court-related inquiries. The Clerk of Courts office serves as a valuable resource for accessing information and navigating court procedures.


The Lehigh County Courthouse stands as a testament to the principles of justice, fairness, and community engagement. From its historical significance and impressive architecture to its pivotal role in the local judicial system, the courthouse serves as a vital institution within Lehigh County. Its impact extends beyond courtrooms, leaving an indelible mark on the lives of individuals and the community at large.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the operating hours of the Lehigh County Courthouse?

The Lehigh County Courthouse operates from Monday to Friday, with general business hours from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM. However, it is important to note that specific offices and departments within the courthouse may have slightly different operating hours or may be closed during certain holidays or special occasions. It is recommended to check the official courthouse website or contact the relevant office directly for any specific inquiries regarding operating hours.

2. Can I attend a trial or court hearing at the courthouse?

Yes, members of the public can generally attend trials and court hearings at the Lehigh County Courthouse. Open court proceedings promote transparency and allow individuals to observe the justice system in action. However, it is important to respect courtroom etiquette and follow any rules or restrictions set by the presiding judge. Some cases or specific proceedings may be closed to the public for legal or privacy reasons.

3. How can I obtain copies of court records or documents?

To obtain copies of court records or documents from the Lehigh County Courthouse, you can follow the designated procedures for records requests. Typically, you will need to submit a formal request to the appropriate office, such as the Clerk of Courts or the Prothonotary’s office. The request may require specific information about the case or document you are seeking, and there may be associated fees for copying or certification. It is advisable to consult the official courthouse website or contact the relevant office directly for detailed instructions on obtaining court records.

4. Are there any restrictions on photography or recording inside the courthouse?

Yes, there are generally restrictions on photography, video recording, or audio recording inside the Lehigh County Courthouse. These restrictions are in place to uphold the privacy and integrity of court proceedings, protect the rights of individuals involved in cases, and maintain the decorum of the courthouse. It is important to adhere to these rules and respect the instructions provided by court staff or security personnel. However, it is essential to note that specific allowances or exceptions may exist for authorized media representatives or with prior permission from the presiding judge.

5. Is public parking available near the Lehigh County Courthouse?

Yes, public parking is available near the Lehigh County Courthouse. There are designated parking lots, parking garages, and street parking options in the vicinity of the courthouse. However, it is important to be mindful of any parking regulations, time restrictions, or payment requirements in the designated parking areas. It is recommended to plan ahead, arrive early to allow for parking, and consider alternative transportation options if necessary.

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