Mindy S. Glazer

Early Life and Education

Judge Mindy Glazer has lived a life full of hard work, passion, and service to others. Her journey from promising student to esteemed judge shows how dedication and compassion can change lives.

Attending the University of Miami for Undergrad

Glazer laid the foundation for her legal career as an undergrad at the University of Miami. She graduated in 1988 with her Bachelor’s degree, preparing her for the rigors of law school. Her professors likely recognized the spark of talent and work ethic that would propel Glazer’s later success.

Graduating from St. Thomas University School of Law

After college, Glazer took the next step by enrolling in law school at St. Thomas University. She continued to impress, graduating with her Juris Doctor degree in 1991. Little did Glazer know at the time, she was still over a decade away from her pivotal judgeship. But her legal education equipped her with the skills to thrive in private practice.

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Starting Her Legal Career

Fresh out of law school, Glazer dove right into legal work, launching her own firm, The Law Offices of Mindy S. Glazer. As a practicing lawyer for almost ten years, she developed her voice and legal skills while helping everyday clients. Her practice gave Glazer the real-world experience to understand the lives of people from all walks of life.

Running a Successful Private Practice

Glazer quickly built up her private practice into a success after passing the bar exam. She handled a wide range of cases, from family law to personal injury. Her empathy and sharp legal mind likely made Glazer a favorite among clients. They appreciated her personalized approach.

Getting Appointed to the Bench

In 2000, Glazer reached a career milestone when she was appointed Judge of the Florida 11th Circuit Court. Her knowledge and temperament made her well-suited for the judicial role. She likely felt humbled by the opportunity to further serve her community. Little did Glazer know, her most viral moment still waited 15 years in the future.

Making Her Mark as a Judge

Since becoming Judge Glazer in 2000, she has built a reputation as a tough but fair jurist dedicated to compassionate justice. Her eventful career on the bench is an inspiration.

Getting Elected in 2000

Glazer’s appointment in 2000 only lasted months before her first election that same year. Running a successful campaign while handling her judicial duties proved her impressive work ethic. Her election laid the groundwork for a long tenure.

Running Unopposed in 2012

A dozen years later, Glazer found herself running for re-election unopposed. The lack of challengers showed the widespread respect she had earned. She continued her judgeship endorsed by both parties.

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Cancelled Election and 2018 Re-Election

Glazer won again when her 2018 re-election ran uncontested, cancelling the vote. She earned another six years as judge, further cementing her legacy. Her sterling reputation continues to keep competition at bay.

Presiding Over Notable Cases

Beyond elections, Glazer spent her time on the bench presiding wisely over many impactful cases. But one defendant in 2015 stood out, sending viral shockwaves.

Recognizing Middle School Classmate in Court

Judge Glazer made headlines when she realized a defendant appearing before her was Arthur Booth, a former middle school classmate. Her empathy went viral, with a video showing Glazer reminiscing on Booth’s past promise and lamenting his struggles since. Her compassion sparked discussion nationwide.

Personal Life and Interests

Beyond her prolific legal career, Glazer has always made time for her community and passions. She embodies service and learning new skills.

Dedication to Community Service

Glazer stays active volunteering with local nonprofits and community groups. She likely finds these activities grounding after the pressures of the courtroom. Glazer enjoys giving back when off the bench.

Passion for Youth Mentorship

Informed by her viral case with Arthur Booth, Glazer also enjoys mentoring youth to reach their potential. She meets with local students, helping them avoid the pitfalls that can derail lives. For Glazer, it’s about breaking cycles for the next generation.

Legacy and Impact

Now in her third decade working in law, Judge Mindy Glazer leaves an indelible mark on justice, compassion, and ethics within Florida’s legal system. She inspires others in all walks of life.

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Inspiring the Next Generation

For young people interested in law, Glazer’s journey sets an example. Her perseverance, judgment, and empathy in the face of challenges give hope. She lights a path for them to make a difference.

Embodying Justice and Compassion

Glazer’s steadfast commitment to fairness, wisdom, and understanding reflect the highest judicial ideals. Her service proves one person can positively change lives through character and care. Glazer embodies justice with heart.


Judge Mindy Glazer continues to make her mark as a compassionate, brave, and incisive jurist. From promising student to veteran judge, she has dedicated her life to justice with empathy. Glazer’s journey provides inspiration and instruction for future generations navigating the intersection of law and humanity. She exemplifies the spirit of service that creates harmony.


Q: What is Judge Glazer best known for?

A: Glazer went viral after recognizing a former middle school classmate who appeared as a defendant in her courtroom in 2015. The emotional moment highlighted her empathy.

Q: How long has Glazer been a judge?

A: Glazer was first appointed judge in 2000. She has served on Florida’s 11th Circuit Court for over two decades now.

Q: Has Glazer faced election challengers?

A: Glazer has run unopposed in her past two elections, which shows the broad respect she has earned as a fair, ethical judge.

Q: Where did Glazer attend law school?

A: She graduated with her Juris Doctor from St. Thomas University School of Law in 1991 before starting her own practice.

Q: What sparked Glazer’s interest in mentoring youth?

A: The viral case with her former classmate Arthur Booth inspired Glazer to provide more mentoring to help local youth avoid legal pitfalls.

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