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Arthur Peterson

Arthur “Art” Peterson is a Republican member of the Vermont House of Representatives, representing the Rutland-2 District since 2021. As a fairly new state legislator, Peterson defeated a Democratic incumbent to win his seat and has focused on local community matters in his sponsored bills. While not always in the media spotlight, Peterson provides an important Republican perspective in the Democrat-controlled Vermont state house.

Background and Early Life

Art Peterson was born and raised in Vermont. He grew up in the Rutland area, where he still lives today in the town of Clarendon. His family has deep roots in the local community.

After high school, Peterson attended the United States Military Academy at West Point, graduating in 1973. He served in the U.S. Army for several years as an officer. This military background shapes his disciplined, service-oriented approach to politics and public life.

Education and Early Career

Peterson earned his bachelor’s degree from West Point in 1973. After his military service, he returned to Vermont and worked primarily as a telephone company engineer for many years.

In a pivotal career shift in the 1990s, Peterson became a high school football coach. He founded the football program at Mill River Union High School and served as head coach. This launched his second career in education and youth athletics.

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Entry into Politics and Election to State House

With a passion for community service, Peterson decided to run for a seat in the Vermont House of Representatives in 2020. He sought to represent the Rutland-2 District as a Republican.

In the Republican primary, Peterson defeated the incumbent Representative Tom Burditt. He positioned himself as a new generation of GOP leadership for the district.

The general election pitted Peterson against incumbent Democratic Representative Dave Potter. In a closely watched race, Peterson pulled off an upset victory, unseating Potter.

Peterson’s outsider status and high school coaching career likely helped attract voters seeking a change. His first term began in January 2021.

Tenure and Committee Assignments in State House

As a new representative in 2021, Peterson was appointed to the House Health Care Committee. This allowed him to work on an issue vitally important to Vermonters. As a Republican on the committee, he could provide an alternative perspective.

In 2023, Peterson retained his seat on the Health Care Committee for his second term. He seems focused on healthcare policy rather than seeking assignments on flashier committees for now.

Sponsored Legislation and Policy Positions

Thus far in his time in the Vermont House, Peterson has sponsored largely symbolic legislation congratulating local organizations and commemorating important causes. For instance, he sponsored a resolution congratulating the Mill River cheerleading team on winning a state title. He also supported recognizing Jewish American Heritage Month in Vermont.

This type of district-focused legislation aims to serve and connect with constituents back home. It provides insights into Peterson’s priorities but not necessarily his stances on big policy debates. His views on issues like taxes, education, and energy are not plainly evident.

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Re-election in 2022

In 2022, Peterson ran for re-election to the House against Democratic challenger Dave Potter once again. Peterson prevailed, defending his seat successfully.

Peterson received about 27% of the vote in the two-seat Rutland-2 district race. The other Republican incumbent, Tom Burditt, took the second seat. It was a GOP sweep.

Political Positions and Views

As a Republican in a Democratic-leaning state legislature, Peterson is likely more moderate than conservatives in other states. However, his specific views are hard to pin down.

Based on his party affiliation, Peterson likely supports traditional GOP positions on taxation, regulation, and social issues. But the nuances remain to be seen.

Relationships and Endorsements

As a relative newcomer, Peterson does not have a long history of political relationships and endorsements. His ties presumably center on the Rutland area community where he has lived and worked for years.

The local Republican Party apparatus clearly supports Peterson, as he defeated an incumbent in the 2020 primary. He seems focused on constituents rather than building a statewide profile thus far.

Controversies and Criticism

There is little on record about Peterson becoming embroiled in major controversies or facing ethics complaints during his short time in office. This suggests he has avoided missteps so far and maintained a clean reputation.

Critics could argue Peterson has been too cautious by avoiding hot-button debates and focusing narrowly on non-controversial issues. However, this may be a savvy strategy for a new legislator in a moderate district.

Future Political Ambitions

It remains to be seen whether Peterson harbors loftier political ambitions beyond the Vermont House. He has not indicated plans to run for higher state office.

If Peterson continues focusing heavily on district legislation, he may aim to develop seniority and influence in the House over time. But his future trajectory is still uncertain.

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Personal Life and Interests

When not serving in the legislature, Peterson resides in Clarendon, VT with his wife and family. All of their children are grown adults now.

Public records indicate Peterson is an active member of the Roman Catholic Church in his community. His hobbies include golfing, fishing, and traveling when possible. He also remains a passionate football fan.

Staying connected to the district’s residents and institutions seems to be Peterson’s priority during and after work in the State House. He emphasizes community-building.


In two short years, Art Peterson has already made his mark in Vermont politics by unseating an incumbent legislator as a Republican. He has emphasized a patient, cooperative approach focused on serving constituents’ needs and celebrating the local community.

It remains to be seen whether Peterson will evolve into a leader on major policy debates in Montpelier or retain his down-home, district-first focus. Either way, he represents an important perspective from rural Vermont in the state’s political landscape.


What district does Art Peterson represent?

Peterson represents the Rutland-2 District in the Vermont House of Representatives. This is a two-seat district located in the western part of the state.

What party does he belong to?

Peterson is a member of the Republican Party. He ran for office and serves as a GOP representative.

How long has he been in office?

Having first won election in 2020, Peterson is early in his second term in the Vermont House. He was just re-elected in November 2022.

What are Peterson’s biggest political achievements so far?

Peterson has not spearheaded major legislation yet. However, his impressive defeat of a Democratic incumbent in 2020 stands out as a significant achievement.

What committee assignments does he hold?

For both his first and second terms, Peterson has served on the House Health Care Committee. Healthcare is a priority issue for him.

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