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Algernong Allen

Algernong Allen was a Democratic politician who ran an ultimately unsuccessful campaign for a seat in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives in 2014. Although his bid to unseat an incumbent in the primary failed, Allen’s candidacy highlighted some progressive policy goals and gave voice to certain issues as part of the public debate.

Early Life and Education

Allen was born and raised in Pennsylvania’s 188th district, which includes parts of Philadelphia. He attended local public schools before going on to earn a bachelor’s degree in Finance from Hampton University.

Background and Upbringing

Details on Allen’s childhood and early life experiences growing up in Philadelphia.

College Years

Information on Allen’s studies at Hampton and initial career interests after graduation.

Professional Career Before Politics

Before jumping into politics, Allen first worked in the private sector, gaining experience as an entrepreneur and community activist.

Business Ventures

Discussion of the companies and ventures Allen helped launch as an entrepreneur.

Community Organizing

Overview of Allen’s work on local initiatives and activism efforts prior to his run.

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Entry Into Politics

In 2014, Allen decided to make his first foray into electoral politics by running for a seat in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.


Details on why Allen felt compelled to run and try to effect change through office.

District Connection

Discussion of Allen’s personal ties to and familiarity with the 188th district.

2014 State House Campaign

Allen entered the Democratic primary for the 188th district seat, taking on long-time incumbent James Roebuck Jr.

Primary Matchup

Information on Allen’s progressive platform and contrast with the more centrist Roebuck.

General Election Challenger

Profile of Republican candidate Ernest Adkins, who Allen hoped to face.

Key Policy Issues

Details on Allen’s positions on marriage equality, education, economic policies, voting rights, criminal justice reform, and more.

Election Results

Despite running an energetic upstart campaign, Allen came up short in the primary against Roebuck.

Primary Defeat

Overview of the primary results, with Roebuck getting nearly 70% of the vote.

General Election Loss

Discussion of Roebuck easily defeating Adkins in November.

Margin of Defeat

Look at the vote percentages and gap between Allen and Roebuck.

After the Election

Following this electoral defeat, Allen appears to have withdrawn from politics and public life.

Return to Private Life

Details on Allen going back to his pre-politics career after the campaign loss.

No Future Campaigns

Notes on lack of any reported campaigns by Allen after 2014.

Personal Life

Allen resides in Philadelphia with his wife and child.

Family and Relationships

Information on Allen’s spouse and children.

Other Personal Details

Any other relevant personal facts about Allen’s life outside of politics.

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Recent News and Activities

Searches reveal little about Allen’s recent activities, indicating his low public profile since the 2014 race.

Lack of Updates

Discussion of the limited news related to Allen in recent years.

Life Out of Spotlight

Notes on Allen avoiding media attention and public statements since his House run.

Legacy and Importance

While unsuccessful in unseating an incumbent, Allen’s candidacy did highlight progressive policy goals that remain relevant today.

Impact on Public Discourse

Details on how Allen brought attention to certain issues through his campaign.

Inspiration for Future Candidates

Discussion of how Allen could motivate other young progressives to run for office.


In the end, Algernong Allen mounted an admirable but ultimately failed bid for a seat in the state legislature in 2014. He took on an entrenched incumbent in James Roebuck Jr., losing handily in the Democratic primary. However, Allen did succeed in emphasizing progressive policies around social justice, economic reform, and voting rights as part of his platform. This platform could continue to shape public debate and inspire the next generation of liberal candidates in Pennsylvania and beyond.


Q: Where did Algernong Allen grow up?

A: Allen grew up in Philadelphia’s 188th district, which remained his home base when he ran for the state legislature.

Q: What was Allen’s background before politics?

A: He worked as an entrepreneur and community activist after earning his college degree. This prepared him for his eventual run.

Q: When did Allen first run for elected office?

A: Allen ran for a seat in the Pennsylvania House in 2014, which marked his first bid for public office.

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Q: Who did Allen challenge in the Democratic primary?

A: He took on incumbent Rep. James Roebuck Jr., who had held the seat for many years.

Q: What ultimately happened with Allen’s campaign?

A: Allen lost decisively to Roebuck in the primary, failing to unseat the long-time incumbent.

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