the shocking case of audrey southard rumsey

Who is Audrey Southard-Rumsey?

A Music Instructor from Florida

Audrey Southard-Rumsey, a 54-year-old music instructor from Florida, recently made headlines. Known for her musical talent, Southard-Rumsey had a rather ordinary life until January 6, 2021.

Southard-Rumsey’s Role in the Capitol Insurrection

This particular date marked a turn of events when she became involved in the U.S. Capitol Insurrection, emerging as a significant participant and an agitator of the mob that surged near the House Speaker’s Lobby.

The Court Hearing

Southard-Rumsey’s Unexpected Tirade

During her court hearing on a recent Friday, Southard-Rumsey unleashed an unexpected and fiery verbal tirade against the prosecutors, the media, and the federal government, shocking everyone in attendance.

Statements Made During the Hearing

In her dramatic 15-minute statement, she veered away from her prepared remarks, accusing the prosecutors of being “liars” and a Capitol Police officer she’d allegedly confronted of being “terrified”. She unapologetically expressed her grievances and her shame for her country.

The Charges Against Southard-Rumsey

The Seven Felony Charges

Southard-Rumsey faced serious accusations related to the Capitol Insurrection, which resulted in her being charged with seven felony offenses. She was found guilty on all counts.

Terrorism Enhancement in the Sentence

Adding to the gravity of her actions, U.S. District Judge Amit Mehta added a “terrorism enhancement” to her sentence, describing her as a “one-person wrecking crew” during the Capitol attack.

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The Role of the Judge

Judge Amit Mehta’s Perspective

Judge Mehta, in his role, was not swayed by Southard-Rumsey’s passionate outbursts. Instead, he pointed out the serious consequences of her actions on the day of the insurrection.

Mehta’s Response to Southard-Rumsey

Mehta accused Southard-Rumsey of terrorizing members of Congress, including those who share her political beliefs. He criticized her and other Jan. 6 defendants for “cloaking themselves in patriotism.”

Southard-Rumsey’s Defence

The Defense Lawyer’s Argument for Home Confinement

Southard-Rumsey’s defense attorney argued for home confinement rather than a prison sentence. The defense asserted that she would not engage in future protests.

Southard-Rumsey’s Own Defence Statement

In her own defense, Southard-Rumsey declared, “I won’t protest because I’ll be in prison. Why protest? You guys don’t listen.”

Southard-Rumsey’s Unapologetic Remarks

Distinct Stance from Other Defendants

Southard-Rumsey’s unapologetic remarks sharply contrasted the usual leniency-seeking statements given by other Jan. 6 defendants. She remained defiant till the end, drawing attention to her case.

Reaction to Her Sentence

Upon hearing her sentence, Southard-Rumsey concluded by stating, “It’s not fair.”

The Outcome of the Hearing

Rejection of Leniency

Given her conduct and the severity of her actions, the court rejected the plea for leniency that is customarily considered in federal court cases.

The Six-Year Prison Sentence

Southard-Rumsey was sentenced to six years in prison. She will be required to surrender to the Bureau of Prisons in the coming months to serve her sentence.

The Broader Context

Statistics on Capitol Siege Sentences

As of this date, approximately 560 of the more than 1,000 defendants in the U.S. Capitol siege have been sentenced, with approximately 335 receiving prison terms.

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Public Reaction to the Case

This case has drawn significant public attention, especially given Southard-Rumsey’s defiant stance and her harsh critique of the government, the media, and the court.

Conclusion: Reflecting on the Case

This case serves as a stark reminder of the serious repercussions of participating in illegal activities, even if under the guise of patriotism. Southard-Rumsey, once a music instructor from Florida, now has a daunting six-year prison term ahead of her.


  1. Who is Audrey Southard-Rumsey? – Southard-Rumsey is a 54-year-old music instructor from Florida who played a significant role in the U.S. Capitol Insurrection on January 6, 2021.
  2. What were the charges against her? – She was charged with seven felony offenses related to her involvement in the Capitol Insurrection.
  3. What was her defense? – Her defense argued for home confinement, stating she would not protest in the future. Southard-Rumsey herself remained unapologetic and defiant throughout the court hearing.
  4. What was the outcome of her court hearing? – Southard-Rumsey was sentenced to six years in prison with a “terrorism enhancement” to her sentence.
  5. How did the judge respond to Southard-Rumsey? – Judge Amit Mehta criticized Southard-Rumsey and other Jan. 6 defendants for “cloaking themselves in patriotism.”

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