Noah Dyer

Noah Dyer

Noah Dyer is an entrepreneur and marketer who made an independent run for governor of Arizona in 2018. Though his campaign was ultimately unsuccessful, it provides an interesting case study of an outsider candidate trying to enter the political arena.

Early Career

Before entering politics, Dyer had an eclectic career spanning marketing, consulting, sales, education, and technology. In 2003 he founded his own marketing consulting firm called Ark Market Building. He later worked in sales and marketing roles for companies like T-Mobile and WealthNet Partners.

Dyer also had experience in education and technology. In 2005 he began teaching technology courses while also co-founding a video game development company called Midnight Flock Games. He continued to work on video games and co-founded the social media company Fizz Points in 2008.

2018 Arizona Gubernatorial Campaign

In February 2017, Dyer announced he would run for governor of Arizona as a Democrat in the 2018 election. However, in July 2017 he declared he would separate from the Democratic Party and run as an independent candidate instead.

Dyer’s campaign focused on issues like education, jobs, and the state budget. He advocated for equal education opportunities, exposing students to programming early, and policies to transfer education costs to businesses. He wanted to attract companies to Arizona by having progressive policies and robust government services funded by taxes. Dyer also opposed increasing government debt through budgets that didn’t rapidly pay down deficits.

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Response and Outcome

While Dyer’s experience in business and technology provided an interesting background, his lack of political experience likely hurt his chances. Running as an independent with no party support also made it very difficult to gain traction. In the end, Dyer did not appear on the official list of candidates and his campaign never gained momentum with voters.


In the end, Noah Dyer’s run for Arizona governor demonstrated the difficulties of entering politics from an outsider perspective. However, it also highlighted creative policy ideas from his experience across business, education and technology. Though unsuccessful in 2018, Dyer’s political ambitions may still contribute alternate perspectives to future policy debates in Arizona.


Why did Dyer run for governor?

Dyer hoped to leverage his diverse career background to provide innovative solutions for Arizona’s education, economic, and budget policies. As an outsider, he wanted to bring a fresh perspective.

What were his key campaign themes?

His main focuses were education, jobs, and the budget. He advocated for progressive policies like early STEM education funded by businesses.

How did voters respond to his campaign?

Ultimately voters did not gravitate to his outsider campaign. His lack of political experience and support likely hurt his chances with voters.

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