Matt Wolf vs Bryan Neft: Analyzing the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court Democratic Primary


The 2023 Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court Democratic primary race between Matt Wolf and Bryan Neft was an intriguing judicial matchup with important implications. This article will analyze the background, experience, fundraising, voter demographics, and key issues for each candidate. It will also examine predictions for the race, the potential impact on the court, and what led to Wolf’s primary victory over Neft.

Background on the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court

The Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court is one of Pennsylvania’s two statewide intermediate appellate courts. The court hears cases involving state and local government law. There are nine judges on the court elected in partisan elections to 10-year terms. In 2023, three seats are up for election.

Matt Wolf’s Background

Matt Wolf has served as an Assistant Counsel for the Pennsylvania House Democratic Caucus since 2017. He also worked as a law clerk in the Pennsylvania judiciary. Wolf emphasizes his government experience and desire to bring more diversity to the bench. His background is more partisan compared to Neft.

Bryan Neft’s Background

Bryan Neft worked as an attorney in private practice for over 20 years specializing in commercial litigation. He has no judicial experience but emphasizes his long legal career. Neft’s background is more non-partisan compared to Wolf.

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2021 Pennsylvania Superior Court Race

In 2021, both Wolf and Neft competed in the Pennsylvania Superior Court Democratic primary which Timika Lane won. Neft finished 3rd place behind Lane and Jill Beck. This set the stage for their 2023 re-match.

2023 Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court Race

In the 2023 Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court Democratic primary, Wolf defeated Neft 57% to 43%. Wolf’s government experience and more partisan background seemed to resonate more with primary voters.

Head-to-Head Matchup

Comparing Wolf and Neft head-to-head reveals some important differences:

  • Background: Wolf has more government/partisan experience while Neft has more private practice experience.
  • Judicial philosophy: Wolf is more liberal while Neft is more moderate.
  • Fundraising: Wolf raised more money than Neft.
  • Outside support: Wolf had more endorsements from Democratic groups.

Differences in Background

The candidates’ background and experience formed a major contrast in this race. Wolf’s work for the state legislature gave him Democratic credentials. Neft’s private practice gave him independence. Primary voters seemed to prefer Wolf’s government background.

Differences in Judicial Philosophy

Ideologically, Wolf was considered more progressive while Neft was more moderate. Wolf embraced reforming the justice system. Neft wanted to apply the law fairly. Voters favored Wolf’s progressive messaging.

Paths to Victory

Wolf needed high turnout among suburban Philadelphia Democrats to win. Neft had to limit Wolf’s margins there while running up votes in western Pennsylvania. Wolf successfully ran up big numbers around Philadelphia.


Fundraising favored Wolf, who raised over $900,000 compared to Neft’s $700,000. Wolf’s connections from government service helped him raise more money than the outsider Neft.

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Outside Support

Wolf secured key endorsements from groups like the Pennsylvania Democratic Party, major unions, and progressive organizations. This establishment support boosted his campaign.

Voter Demographics

Wolf performed best among suburban women, black voters, and college-educated professionals – key Democratic constituencies. Neft relied more on white working-class voters who have trended Republican.

Key Issues

Both candidates emphasized issues like protecting civil rights, alternative energy, and education funding. Wolf focused more on social justice while Neft campaigned on traditional values and judicial restraint. These messages resonated with their respective voter bases.


Most experts predicted a Wolf victory given his background and fundraising edge. However, Neft exceeded expectations by keeping the race close thanks to stronger than expected western Pennsylvania support.

Impact on the Court

Wolf’s election continues the Democratic majority on the court. It enables progressive rulings on issues like voting rights and government regulations. A Neft win would have given moderates more influence.


Matt Wolf’s 2023 Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court primary win over Bryan Neft came down to a more partisan background, fundraising advantage, and progressive messaging tailored to suburban Democrats. While Neft performed respectably for an outsider, Wolf’s deeper connections proved decisive in the high-stakes race. The result reinforced the court’s ideological balance and enables Democrats to render consequential rulings.


Q: What was the final primary election result between Wolf and Neft?

A: Wolf defeated Neft by a margin of 57% to 43% in the 2023 Democratic primary.

Q: How much money did each candidate raise?

A: Wolf raised over $900,000 while Neft raised around $700,000 for the primary campaign.

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Q: What types of experience did each candidate have?

A: Wolf had more government and legislative experience while Neft had extensive private practice litigation experience.

Q: How did voter demographics impact the race?

A: Wolf performed well with suburban women and minority voters who make up the Democratic base while Neft relied more on rural and working-class whites.

Q: What effect did outside endorsements have on the race?

A: Wolf secured endorsements from major Democratic groups which boosted his establishment credentials in the primary.

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