Mamaroneck Village Court

Mamaroneck Village Court


Working Hours:
Monday:    9:00 am – 1:00 pm
Tuesday:   9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Wednesday:9:00 am – 4:00pm
Thursday:   9:00 am – 1:00 pm
Friday:    9:00 am – 1:00 pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed


Judge Christie L. Derrico 
Judge Daniel J. Gallagher
Judge Richard E. Lanza
Judge Roger H. Sirlin

Court Administrative


Chief Prosecutor

Mimi Rocah
Dial:  845-888-3038
Fax: 845-888-2805


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Mamaroneck Village Court is one of 37 villages and city courts in the County of Westchester, New York. It is located within the 2nd and 9th Judicial District Departments. It has jurisdiction over criminal, civil, small claims, landlord, village code violation and parking ticket matters. It also handles traffic, vehicle and speeding ticket cases. The court session will be held every Tuesday and Thursday at 9:30 am. The dress code should be followed during the case hearing.


Mamaroneck Village Court records information is available in the town clerk’s and county clerk’s offices and found online on different websites. All the case information and trails are recorded and maintained by the county and clerk’s office. They can be searched online by using the following ways:

  • Searching by case number
  • Searching by name and city/state
  • Searching by address
  • Searching by phone
  • Searching by email

Sometimes, information about records is unavailable online because it is confidential according to the law. These types of information are only available at the county court or county clerk’s office. They can be obtained by filing and sending a record request form. Fill in your name, phone number, email, address, city, state, zip code, and all other required information. Send the fees for the copies of the record. After receiving the form, the court will respond with whether to provide this information. For more information about the public records, call or mail the court.

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How to make payments?

Mamaroneck Village Court payment for tickets and fines can be made in the following ways:


A person can pay for tickets and fines by visiting the court during regular court hours and paying in cash, checks, or with a card at the counter. 2.99% processing and other charges will be applied if you make payment with a credit card. 


A person can pay online for a parking ticket using the online payment portal Enter the parking ticket number and use any online payment method. The traffic criminal and other ticket payments can be made using Enter the case or ticket number. The convenience fees will be applied in this case.

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A Person can send a certified check or money order to the court’s mailing address. The address is 169 Mt Pleasant Ave, Mamaroneck, NY 10543, United States. Cash or personal checks are not acceptable in the mail; only certified checks or money orders are accepted. Remember to write your citation when you send the payment, and mail the amount in a self-addressed, stamped envelope if you want a receipt.

The traffic court handles which types of cases?

Mamaroneck Village Traffic Court handles all the offense and violation cases related to speeding, traffic and vehicle matters. The violation and offense include:

  • Driving with a suspended, expired or no license
  • Drives recklessly or when taking drugs
  • Drive with a high-speed limit that is not allowed
  • Operate vehicles with improper tags or improper plates
  • Fail to yield
  • Do not stop at the red signal or stop sign
  • Drive without a seat belt
  • Using a mobile phone while driving
  • Do not obey traffic control devices and rules

If you receive a ticket, enter a plea and send it to the court before the citation date. Hire an attorney if you need help or guidance related to the ticket.

What is the procedure for filing a small claim case?

Village of Mamaroneck small claims court will handle all the claims matters having a limit of $3000.$10 is the filing fee for a claim less than $1000 and $15 for claims up to $ 3000. The small claim case is filled when you fill in all the information for the case form. Write your data and the person you are suing name, reason and amount you sue. The person you are claiming must be a resident of this town. You cannot file claims against a corporation, partnership and LLC in this court; only a case can be done against an individual or some person.

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How can I send a plea to the court?

Mamaroneck Village Court plea can only be written if you received a traffic, vehicle or parking ticket. Write a plea and send it before the citation date noted on your ticket. Download the plea form, write the Ticket or Case Number, name, birth date and email address and then tick the plea you want. Two types of plea can be written and mailed to the court that are:

Plea of Guilty

Choose a guilty plea if you admit you violated the law or committed a crime. The court will review your application and respond with the fine amount. You do not have to appear in court; only pay the fine on time.

Plea of Not Guilty

If you do not accept your offense and deny all the violations against you, then choose the plea of not guilty. The court will review your application and send you a schedule for your court appearance, and you have to appear on time. You had to appear with all the proof in your defense. Hire an attorney in this case. In the end, write your signature and date and mail it to the court. You had to write each ticket plea if you received many tickets. Pay the fine or appear in court according to the schedule; otherwise, the additional fine will be added, your driver’s license and insurance will expire, and sometimes a warrant against you will be issued.

How much fines a person had to pay for traffic and vehicle violations?

Mamaroneck Village Court’s fine depends upon the type of violation a person has committed. $100- $300 for a traffic infraction violation, $225-$675 for not obeying a traffic signal,$25-$200 for driving an uninspected vehicle etc. Points are added for each violation, and if you continue the violation, then a point is reached where your driving license will be suspended.

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How can I send a certificate of a disposition request form?

Mamaroneck Village Court certificate of disposition request forms are available on the website. Put the date of request and enter all the required personal information in the form. $5 is the fee you had to pay for this certification.

How can I contact the clerk?

Mamaroneck Village Court clerks can be contacted by phone or by visiting the court during working hours.

What is the dress code in the court session?

Appropriate and proper dressing is required. Sleeveless, torn and tight clothes are not allowed during the session.

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