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The superior court of Madera is a city courthouse serving the residents of Madera County, California. It is located within the court of appeal in the fifth district, and the appeal from the eastern state district goes to the ninth circuit United State Court of appeal. The courthouse was established in 1900 but burned in 1906; it was rebuilt again in the same location. In 2015 the court was shifted to a new location close to the county’s administration building. This court is a unified superior court having 100 court staff.

Some of the departments within the court include the Civil Division, Criminal Division, Family Law Division, Probate Division, and Juvenile Division. The court offers a variety of services to the public, such as online access to court records, forms, and information on how to file a case. In addition, the Superior Court of Madera provides assistance and resources to those who are representing themselves in court, known as pro per litigants.

The court was handled by nine judges, one family support, and one traffic commissioner. The court’s mission is to serve people efficiently and provide equal and fair justice to everyone. It has jurisdiction over criminal, small claims, probation, juvenile, appeal, civil, family, traffic, and vehicle matters. They provide online services like online payment, forms, fines, case information, court calendar, and many more, so it is optional to go to court for these services. This court also provides self-help for a different division. Proper dressing is required during the court session, and wearing a mask is mandatory. Two superior courts located in this county are:


The Judges of Superior Court of Madera

Judges play a crucial role in the court system, as they are responsible for making decisions in court cases. To become a judge in the Superior Court of Madera, a person must meet certain qualifications, such as being a licensed attorney and having experience practicing law. Judges in the Superior Court of Madera are appointed by the governor of California and serve a term of six years.

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The role of judges in the court process is to preside over court proceedings, make decisions on legal issues, and ensure that the law is followed. Judges also have the authority to issue orders, such as granting or denying requests, and to impose penalties in criminal cases.

Jury Service in Superior Court of Madera

Jury service is an important civic duty in the United States and is an integral part of the court system. To be eligible for jury service in the Superior Court of Madera, a person must be a U.S. citizen, a resident of Madera County, and at least 18 years old. Those who are selected for jury duty will be required to serve for a specific period of time, usually one to two weeks.

Jury duty in the Superior Court of Madera involves serving on a jury for a trial and participating in the decision-making process. This involves listening to testimony, examining evidence, and ultimately determining the outcome of the case. Jurors are compensated for their time, and the Superior Court of Madera provides information and resources to assist them in fulfilling their jury duty.

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Court Clerk and Court Administration

The court clerk is responsible for maintaining court records, processing payments, and providing information and assistance to the public. The court administration is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the Superior Court of Madera and ensuring that court proceedings run smoothly.

The contact information for the court clerk and court administration can be found on the Superior Court of Madera’s website. The court also provides a variety of services and resources to the public, including access to court forms, information on how to file a case, and assistance for pro per litigants.

How to search for case information?

Madera Superior Court Case information can be searched online using the court portal court maintains all the records online, in files, or in a database. You had to register on the portal for the case and record information. After you log in to the portal then, you can search for cases using the following ways: 

  • Search by Case Number, citation, or traffic number
  • Search by First, middle, and last name
  • Search by Company name

After entering the data, the case information will come. The portal will only show those records information that is publicly available. Some records are unavailable; if the information does not come, the case records will be removed or confidential and cannot be displayed online. You have to go to the court or give a record request for these documents, and then the court will decide whether to provide that information. The fee for each document per page is $0.50, which is mandatory. The record access procedure for a party, attorney, legal aid staff, government staff, and court-appointed people are different; they can access any case information without restriction.

How to search for dockets?

Madera Superior Court docket searches for the cases can be found online on the court calendar. The case schedule will be available in the file form in the division of departments. The calendar is updated every day at 4:00 pm. The file contains the case number, party name, and type of the case, with the time and department for the case hearing. The confidential case dockets are not available publically in the file for these types of case schedules; you had to contact the court.

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How to make a payment?

Madera Superior Court payment can be made in the following ways:


A person can pay tickets and fines by visiting the court during regular court hours and paying in cash, checks, US funds, or a card at the court payment office. Take your ticket and case number with you when you come for payment. 2% surcharges will be applied if you make payment with a credit card. 


Online payments can be made using the Superior Court ePay it Search your case by entering any search type, like a case or traffic ticket number, name, date of birth, Vehicle plate, etc. Your case information with the amount of the fine will be displayed. Select the payment option and pay the amount online. Convenience fees will be applied using this method. Monthly installments and payment plans can also be made using this system.


A Person can send a certified check or money order to the court’s mailing address; Madera County Superior Court, 200 South “G” Street, Madera, CA. 9637. Cash or personal checks are not acceptable in the mail; only certified checks or money orders are accepted. Remember to write your citation, name, case number, and account number when you send the payment, and mail the amount in a self-addressed, stamped envelope if you want a receipt.

Drop Box

Payments can also be made by putting the sealed envelope with case information in the drop box available outside the court but do not put cash in the envelope.

How to appear remotely?

Madera Superior Court remote appearances for some eligible criminal and civil cases are possible using video conferencing in the zoom application. Fill out and send the form related to your case. The court will respond with a schedule and a meeting link ID if your case is eligible for the remote hearing. Make sure your internet connection is strong. Mute your microphone and speak only when the judge calls your name. Test your microphone and video before joining the session. It is recommended to avoid running unnecessary applications when you are in a meeting. Wear a proper dress and sit where your face is visible. Recording for the case hearing is not allowed. Read all the information related to remote appearance available on the website.

How can small claims cases be filled?

Madera County small claim court handles all the civil matters in which a person sues another person for money and personal damage within the limit of $5,000. The cases can be resolved in quick and inexpensive ways. Small claim cases can be filled out by filling out a form available at Fill in your and the defendant’s personal information, the reason for your claim, and the amount you are suing. After the claim is filed, the court clerk will mail the defendant about the case and the schedule. The fees depend upon the amount of money you are claiming. The fee schedule contains all the information about the court fees. These cases follow some local procedure where all the case procedure is followed. The case hearing is done on Friday at 9:00 pm in departments 44 or 45, but the schedule may be changed sometimes; you can see your schedule on the court calendar.

Court Fees and Fines in Superior Court of Madera

There are a variety of fees and fines associated with the court system, and the Superior Court of Madera is no exception. These fees and fines may include filing fees, fees for copies of court records, and fines for traffic citations. The Superior Court of Madera provides information on the types of fees and fines that may be imposed and the payment options available.

It is important to note that failure to pay fees and fines can result in serious consequences, such as wage garnishment, suspension of driver’s license, or even arrest. The Superior Court of Madera provides information on payment options and the consequences of not paying fees and fines, and it is important to understand and comply with these obligations.

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The Superior Court of Madera and the Community

The Superior Court of Madera is committed to serving the community and providing access to justice for all. The court offers a variety of outreach programs and volunteer opportunities, including educational programs for schools and community organizations, and opportunities for individuals to serve as court-appointed volunteers.

In addition, the Superior Court of Madera provides resources and information to help educate the community about the court system and the role of the court in the community. These resources are designed to help people better understand the court process and their rights and responsibilities in the court system.

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The Superior Court of Madera is a vital component of the justice system in Madera County, California. The court provides a wide range of services to the public, including access to justice, resources for pro per litigants, and educational programs for the community. Whether you are filing a case, serving on a jury, or simply seeking information about the court, the Superior Court of Madera is here to serve you.

Family law handles which types of the case?

Madera County family law handles cases and matters that involve legal proceedings of family and marriage issues. These issues include divorce, legal separation, domestic violence, child custody, support, and visitation. This court provides services of mediation and investigation for child custody as well as providing guardianship services. The record search for family cases is confidential and is done by visiting the court. The fee is $5 per name and can take about five days. You can obtain family law packets from the main courthouse facilities

The traffic court handles which types of cases?

Madera County traffic court handles traffic and vehicle violations that include speeding, parking ticket, driving without an expired license, etc. If you received a traffic citation, many options are available for resolving it. The traffic school option is available if your case is eligible for it. You had to fulfill the requirement for attending the traffic school. You can ask for a trial by sending a plea of not guilty to the court, and the clerk will schedule your matter for trial. Two types of trials are available by this court that are:

Trial by Court

In this trial, you had to appear in court before the judge, and the officer who gave you the ticket was also present. You can speak and justify yourself in front of the judge, and then the judge or commissioner will decide the case result.  

Trial by Declaration

In this trial, you had the right to contest your ticket; you and the officer that issued the tickets will fill out the form and send it to the court with some documents. After reviewing the documents and form, the judge or commissioner will decide the case result. 


What is the fee for a court interpreter?

The court interpreter is provided by the court free of cost. You had to request the interpreter in advance before the hearing date.

How can I avoid my interest charges in this case?

You can avoid the interest charges by contacting the Local Child Support Agency. You can make a negotiable payment plan with them.

What is the role of jury service in Superior Court of Madera?
  1. Jury service in the Superior Court of Madera involves serving on a jury for a trial and participating in the decision-making process. This is an important civic duty and a vital part of the court system.

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