Mamakating Town Court

Mamakating Town Court


Judge Kelson, Zachary D.
Judge Mullen, Terrence
Judge Joel Welsh
Judge Marcelle Matthews

Court Administrative:


Chief Prosecutor

District Attorney Officer
Dial:  845-888-3038
Fax: 845-888-2805


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Clerk of Courts

Jean M. Dougherty

Mamakating Town Court, also known as Justice Courts, is located in the Town Hall of Mamakating, New York, United States. This court has jurisdiction over cases of civil and criminal Traffic and Vehicle matters and on small claims matters. You had to check in with the clerk every time you entered the court. If you do not meet up with the clerk before the case, your issue has not been called out.


Mamakating Town Court division consists of:

  • Traffic and Vehicle Division
  • Small Claims Division

What is the service of the court clerk?

Town of Mamakating court clerk helps the judges in the cases, collects fines, and answers the queries asked from the defendant. The clerk’s office service is to provide licenses, certificates, and permits for different things. Confidential records forms are also submitted at the clerk’s office, and they will send them further. A person had to check in at the clerk’s office, and the case would be called.

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How to do a case search?

Mamakating Town Court Case Search can be done online using the first and last name and city or state. After filling in all the data, a person got the case information. Some case information is confidential and unavailable online, so you have to give a request form to the clerk’s office. They will then provide that information to you if necessary.

How to pay tickets?

Mamakating Town Court pay tickets can be made in the following ways:

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A person can pay for tickets by visiting the court during business hours and paying in cash, checks, or a card at the court window.2.54% Service or convenience charges will be applied if you pay with a credit card.


Online payment and payment by phone are not available at this time by this court.


A Person can send a certified check to the court’s mailing address. The address is 2948 US-209, Wurtsboro, NY 12790, United States. Do not send cash or personal statements in the mail; only certified checks and money orders are accepted.

The small claims division handles which types of cases?

Mamakating Town Court’s small claims division handles cases in which claims are up to $3000. The clerk’s office provides the form for filing this type of case. The filling gees for a claim up to $1000 is $10, and $15 for the claims greater than $1000. The trial schedule will be mailed to the person and the adversary upon the receipt of all the papers. Small claims cases can be filed against the person or a corporation living in this town or business in the Mamakating town. A Small Claim Guide is available on the website, and a person can take help from this guide.

A mediator for attempted resolution at the time of trial is referred for your case.

Which types of cases are handled by the Traffic and Vehicle division?

Mamakating Town Court traffic division handles cases of speeding, traffic, vehicle accidents, broken vehicles, and any matter related to cars and traffic. You must enter a plea of guilty or not guilty after you receive a traffic ticket, sign it and return it to the court. The instructions on entering a plea are written on the front of the ticket. You could also use pea to reduce the fine if the prosecutor offered it. The first appearance is a pretrial conference; you have the right to keep the attorney representing you at the conference and during all the proceedings. A trial date will be scheduled if the case is not resolved. Contact the traffic division if you need any information.

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Phone: 845-888-2805

When appearing in court is required?

Appearance is required in the small claims cases, but in traffic cases, you will submit a plea of guilty or not guilty and after submitting, the court will reply whether you had to appear in court or only a fine is paid, and the case is solved. If, in any case, it is difficult for you to appear on the schedule, then inform the court five days before your schedule; otherwise, your license will be suspended.

How to obtain a marriage license?

Mamakating Town Court marriage license is obtained from the clerk’s office from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm from Monday to Friday. The fee is $40. An appointment is not mandatory. The couple must be 18+, and they had to fill out the form and submit it with a birth certificate and a photo ID to the court. The license is valid for up to 60 days. A marriage ceremony is performed at the court after the license is received. If a person is previously married, a divorce or wife death certificate must be submitted with the marriage form.

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What happens if I do not pay the fine on time?

If you do not pay the fine on time, then extra penalties will be added, your driving license will be suspended, or a warrant will be issued in some severe cases.

Which proof of identity documents are required for a marriage certificate?

The proof of identity documents required for the marriage license is:

  • Driver’s License
  • Passport
  • Military ID
  • Employee’s Photo ID

How to pay for a traffic ticket?

Mamakating Town Court Traffic tickets can be paid in person at the front window of the clerk’s office or sent checks or money orders via mail at the court address.

What is Mamakating Town Hall?

Mamakating Town Hall is a hall in which many departments like the justice court, education center, highway and building department etc. are present.

How much is for a birth and death certificate copy?

$10 for each document is the birth and death certificate fee.

What is the dress code for the court?

The dress should be representative and comfortable. Tight, sleeveless shirts, torn pants, and sandals are not allowed on the court. 

Is the date on the front of my ticket my court date?

When I don’t have a lawyer, what can I do?

The date on the front of your ticket is your court appearance date, or in some traffic cases, it is the date on which you had to enter a plea of guilty or not guilty.

The court help website will help you if you do not have a lawyer. It will give information about court forms, name changes, divorce, custody and many other things.

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