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Akron Municipal Court

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The Akron Municipal Court give services in the cities of Akron and Fairlawn. Akron Municipal court was establish as a police court in 1910 and then converted into municipal court and shifted to Downtown Akron in 1991. Akron Municipal court consist of six judges. This Court will handles cases of traffic crime, starting stages of felony proceedings prior to trial, offenses like domestic violence, speeding ticket etc. Maximum punishment given by this court is about a year in jail and $2500 fine maximum. Akron Municipal Court local rules consist of 38 practice and procedures

Akron Municipal Court Case Search:

Akron Municipal Courts Case Search can be done by various ways which are given below:

  • Searching using Name
  • Searching using Case Number
  • Searching using Citation
  • Searching using License Number 
  • Searching using your Schedule
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Akron Municipal Court Filling Fees:

Akron Municipal Court Filing Fees depends upon the type of case. Every cases have their own fees like filing fees for Regular Civil Case with a Certified Mail Service is $159. Filing Fees for Eviction Case with Certified Mail Service is $169. 

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Akron Municipal Court Case Payment:

Akron Municipal Court Case Payment can be done in two ways:


You can visit the court with necessary document during business hours.


You can pay online using credit/debit card of Master or Visa card.

Akron Municipal Court Probation: 

Akron Municipal Court Probation Office will help the judges in the process of criminal court through different ways. It manages the specialized docket program by the Court. It also determines the eligibility that will help in the management of DRP programs. To contact Akron Municipal Court Probation Office dial: 330.375.2760

Akron Municipal Court Administrator:

Akron Municipal Court Administrator will control the everyday administrative works. The administrator also helps the judges in the planning, development of new procedure for administration.


Which type of cases Akron Municipal Court Hears?

Akron Municipal Court cases consist of various types that includes criminal cases, minor claims cases, civil, landlord issue and many mores. All cases are heard by the court on regular basis in business hours.

How much is Court Cost in Akron Municipal Court?

Akron Municipal Court cost is $62.00 minimum for every traffic or criminal case. 

How do I get driving privileges while my license is suspended?

You should keep in touch with the Motor Vehicle Bureau if your licenses is suspended. 

What is Akron municipal court civil costs?

Akron Municipal Court civil cost depends upon the type of the civil case like for Replevin Civil Case the cost is $159. 

What are Akron Municipal Court Career Opportunities?

Akron Municipal Court Career can give a person many opportunities. A high staring salary with flexible working hours. Life Insurance, medical, education and many more benefit are giving to a person who are working in this court.

What is Akron Municipal Court Traffic Division Schedule?

Akron Municipal Court Traffic Division is open 24/7 from Monday to Sunday. You can contact them for any issue on 330-375-2572. 

What is Akron Municipal Court Criminal Division?

Akron Municipal Court Criminal Division is the division that handles two types of cases i.e. Misdemeanors and Felonies. This division is open 24/7 from Monday to Sunday.

What is Akron Municipal Court Eviction?

Akron Municipal Court Eviction is an eviction hearing in which magistrate will settle whether a person should be evicted or not.

How Akron Municipal Court Marriage can occurs?

Akron Municipal Court marriage occurs when you pay the wedding fees to the court than you get a schedule of your marriage by judges.

What is Akron Municipal Court Traffic Phone Number?

Akron Municipal Court Traffic Phone Number is 330-375-2572

What is Akron Municipal Court Docket?

Akron Municipal Court Docket consists of specialized docket that committed to particular type of offenses and used a mixture of different technique for holding offenders accountable.

What are Akron Municipal Court Small Claims?

 Akron Municipal Court Small Claims is a case type that is filled in the clerk court for minor types of cases. The cases includes small claims etc.

What is Akron Municipal Court Online Dispute Resolution?

Akron Municipal Court Online Dispute Resolution is used for resolution of dispute without any extra cost. The purpose of this is to save money. It can be done online with confidentiality.

How Akron Municipal Court Warrant paid?

Akron Municipal Court Warrant is not paid using online system. You had to visit the court in Business hour for paying warrant.

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