Wilton Town Court

Wilton Town Court


Working Hours:
Monday:8:30 am– 3:30 pm
Tuesday: 8:30 am– 3:30 pm
Wednesday:8:30 am– 3:30 pm
Thursday:  8:30 am– 3:30 pm
Friday: 8:30 am– 3:30 pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed


Judge Gerald A. Worth
Judge John J. Wood



Chief Prosecutor

Jesse Ashdown
Dial: 518-587-1980
Fax: 518-583-6443
[email protected]


Connect with a Attorney

Clerk of Courts

Amy Ward
Sue Baldwin

Wilton Town Court is a trial courthouse in Saratoga, New York. It is situated within the 3rd and 4th judicial district departments. It is a member of the Unified Court System of New York. The court has jurisdiction over many cases, including traffic and vehicle matters, small claims and eviction, and criminal and civil cases. It accepts cases of high-volume speeding tickets given on the I-87 of the Northway. The Saratoga District Attorney handles mostly criminal and traffic cases. The staff and judges of this court are very friendly and cooperative.

The Wilton Town Court is a court of limited jurisdiction, which means that it has jurisdiction over certain types of cases only. The court has the power to hear and decide on a range of legal matters, including traffic violations, civil cases, and criminal cases that occur within the jurisdiction of the town.

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History of Wilton Town Court

The Wilton Town Court was established in 1968 and has since been serving the residents of the town. The court has undergone several changes over the years, with the addition of new judges and clerks to manage the growing caseload.

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Location and Contact Information

The Wilton Town Court is located at 20 Traver Road, Gansevoort, NY 12831. The court is open from Monday to Friday, from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. You can contact the court by phone at (518) 587-1980 or by email at [email protected].

Jurisdiction of Wilton Town Court

The Wilton Town Court has jurisdiction over the following types of cases:

Traffic Violations

The Wilton Town Court handles traffic violations that occur within the jurisdiction of the town. This includes traffic tickets, speeding tickets, and other moving violations. The court has the authority to impose fines and penalties, as well as suspend or revoke driver’s licenses.

Civil Cases

The Wilton Town Court also handles civil cases involving disputes between individuals or businesses. This includes small claims cases, landlord-tenant disputes, and other civil matters. The court has the power to order parties to pay damages or comply with certain actions.

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Criminal Cases

The Wilton Town Court has the jurisdiction to hear certain types of criminal cases, including misdemeanors and violations. This includes cases such as DWI/DUI, assault, and harassment. The court has the power to impose fines, probation, or even imprisonment.

Judges and Staff

The Wilton Town Court has two elected judges who serve four-year terms. The judges are responsible for hearing cases and making legal decisions. In addition to the judges, the court has a team of clerks and other staff members who assist with court proceedings and administrative tasks.

Court Proceedings

The Wilton Town Court follows the procedures outlined in the New York State Unified Court System. The court holds regular sessions where cases are heard and decided upon. The court proceedings are typically open to the public, and individuals can represent themselves or hire an attorney to represent them.

How to search for the case record?

The Town of Wilton court records are available in the clerk’s office and can be found online. They can be found online by using the following ways:

  • Searching by name
  • Searching by case number
  • Searching by address
  • Searching by phone
  • Searching by email

Some recorded information about cases is not available online because they are lawfully confidential. These types of information are only available at the county court or clerk’s office. They can be obtained by giving an Open Public Records Request. Fill in all the information on the form and send it to the court. The court will respond with whether to provide this information or not. For more information about the public records, call or mail the court.

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Wilton Town Court Division consists of the following:

  • Traffic and Vehicle Division
  • Criminal Division
  • Civil Division
  • Small Claims and Eviction matters Division 

The traffic court handles which types of cases?

Wilton Traffic Court handles all the traffic, vehicle and speeding cases and violations. It takes the case of speeding tickets received from I-87 of the Northway. The offense includes:

  • Driving a vehicle without a license or insurance.
  • Not obeying traffic signals.
  • Driving recklessly or impaired.
  • Going very fast, which is above the average limit.
  • Using a phone while driving.

The violation results in points and high points that will suspend your driving license and will not be renewed until the court gives the order; if you receive a traffic ticket, contact or hire a professional traffic ticket attorney. A skilled person can help you in these types of cases. Mainly the traffic court cases are prosecuted by the Saratoga District Attorney.

How to file a small claim or eviction case?

Wilton Town Small Claim Court handles the matters of property eviction and cases in which claims are up to $3000. The small claims and eviction matters are filled by filling out a form available at the clerk’s office. Fill in the other party’s name, the reason for the claim and the amount you are claiming. The filing fee is $10 for claims less than $1000 and $15 for claims up to $3000. The person or the property against which you are claiming must be from this town.

What are the responsibilities of the court clerk?

Wilton Town Court clerk’s responsibility is to arrange the information obtained with the interaction for judges’ considerations. It is known as the center of information. The clerk will maintain each case file, receive and handle payment and fines, and help the judge in the case hearing. They are responsible for maintaining all Official Town Records and issuing various licenses; they provide certified public records, marriage licenses, birth and death certificates, permits, etc. They also offer an approach to the public records according to the State Statutes of Connecticut. The office also had a deputy clerk who helped with every aspect. Contact the clerk’s office if you want any help.

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How to get a marriage license?

Wilton Town Court’s marriage license is obtained from the clerk’s office and given by Saratoga County. The fee for a marriage license is $40. The couple’s age must be 18+. If someone is under 18, written consent from parents, guardians, and the judge is mandatory. To get the certification, the couple had to come to the court in person, fill out the marriage form and submit it with an original sealed birth certificate issued by the state, photo ids like a driver’s license, Passport, or anything that could prove their identity. All documents must be in English. If this is anyone’s second marriage, a divorce paper or spouse death certificate must be required at the time of registration. In the presence of the city or town clerk, the application license will be signed by the couple. If anyone wants the copies, fill out the certificated copy of the marriage license request, and submit it to the court. You should apply for a license 24 hours before the marriage ceremony. The permit is valid for up to 60 days. The license request will be made by appointment only.


How to make payments?

Wilton Town Court traffic tickets, fines and other payments can be made in the following ways:


A person can pay for tickets and fines by visiting the court during regular court hours and paying in cash, checks, or with a card at the counter. 2.99% convenience and other charges will be applied if you make payment with a credit card.


A person can pay online using the court online payment portal: http://www.wiltontowncourtpayments.com/.Service fees will be applied in this method. Defensive driving, dismissal, or deferred disposition request cannot be made if you pay online.


A Person can send a certified check or money order to the court’s mailing address. The address is 20 Traver Rd, Gansevoort, NY 12831, United States. Cash or personal checks are not acceptable in the mail; only certified checks or money orders are accepted.


A person can also pay online by calling on 518-517-2440 to make a payment by phone. Service Charges will be applied using this method.


The Wilton Town Court is an important institution that plays a vital role in the administration of justice in the town of Wilton. Whether you’re dealing with a traffic ticket or a civil dispute, the court provides a fair and impartial forum for resolving legal matters. By understanding the role and functioning of the Wilton Town Court, you can better navigate the legal system and protect your rights.


How can I contact the clerk’s office?

Wilton Town Court clerk’s phone number is 518-587-1939 Ext: 605. Call them during working hours if you want any help or guidance.

I want a marriage license; whom should I contact?

You had to make an appointment first by contacting 518-306-4764 ext 605.

I received a suspension notice; what should I do?

Contact the court immediately if you receive a suspension notice and ask them the reason for the notice. Pay the fine and a fee of $75 per suspension after contacting the court; in this way, your license will not be suspended.

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