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Tuolumne County Superior Court is a city courthouse serving the residents of Tuolumne County, California. It is located within the court of appeal in the fifth district, and the appeal from the eastern state district goes to the ninth circuit United State Court of appeal. The courthouse was established in 1853; a replacement was made in 1900. A new courthouse with a justice centre was built in 2019 with the latest technologies and now serves the residents. The court’s mission is to give justice equally, impartially, with dignity and respect according to the law. It has jurisdiction over criminal, civil, family, appeal, juvenile, traffic, and vehicle matters. They provide services like online payment, probate notes, calendar portal forms, fines, and many more, so it is optional to go to court for these services. This court also provides self-help for a different division. Proper dressing is required during the court session. Guidelines for attorneys to use the equipment of presentation are available in the evidence presentation equipment. Two superior courts are located in this county that are:


How to search for case information?

Tuolumne County Superior Court Case Search can be done online. The court maintained all the case records in the file or database. The case search can be done in the following ways:

  • Searching by case number
  • Searching by driver’s license
  • Searching by citation or ticket number

After you enter any search information, it will come if it is available and is not confidential and sealed. If the case is personal and sealed, then you have to go to the court and request record access, and then the court will decide whether to provide that case information or not. Fees for the copies per page for records are mandatory, and you had to pay when coming to the court.

How to make a payment?

Tuolumne County Superior Court payment can be made in the following ways:


A person can pay tickets and fines by visiting the hall of justice during regular court hours and paying in cash, checks, US funds, or a card at the court payment office. Take your ticket and case number with you when you come for payment. 2% surcharges will be applied if you make payment with a credit card. 

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Online payments can be made using the online court portal. If you want to pay for a traffic ticket, use this https://apps.tuolumne.courts.ca.gov/Traffic.If you wish to pay for criminal cases, use this https://apps.tuolumne.courts.ca.gov/Criminal. Look up the case by any method and pay online. Convenience fees will be applied using this method.


A Person can send a certified check or money order to the court’s mailing address, 12855 Justice Ctr Dr, Sonora, CA 95370, United States. Cash or personal checks are not acceptable in the mail; only certified checks or money orders are accepted. Remember to write your citation, name, case number, and account number when you send the payment, and mail the amount in a self-addressed, stamped envelope if you want a receipt. Please attach the courtesy notice to the envelope if paying for a traffic ticket.

How to search for dockets?

Tuolumne County Superior Court dockets can be found online using the court calendar https://www.tuolumne.courts.ca.gov/online-services/court-calendars. The dockets are updated after 4 pm every Monday to Friday. You can download the day from the website. The case number with name, type of case, time, and location is given on it. Confidential cases schedule are unavailable; you had to contact the court for those types of cases.


How to appear remotely?

Tuolumne County Superior Court remote appearances for some eligible cases, including unlimited and limited civil cases, are possible using court calls. You had to fill a form of RA-010 with an RA-020 order and submit it to the civil and family clerk’s office. If your request is accepted, you can pay the fees for this service and take the hearing using the telephone from anywhere. You can learn more about the procedure or fess by visiting http://www.courtcall.com/ccallp/main?c=CCHOME or call 1-888-88-COURT or 1-888-882-6878

 The family law division handles which types of cases?

Tuolumne County Court Family law division handles matters related to family issues, the relationship between couples and many other matters. These issues include:

  • Divorce, legal separation and nullity
  • Child custody, visitation and support or support action
  • Family or spousal support
  • Domestic violence issue
  • Division of marital property
  • Abuse of elders
  • Emancipation and mediation

The division also provides family law assistance that you can get from the self-help centre located on the first floor of the Justice Center Courthouse at 12855 Justice Center Drive, Sonora, CA. They help the parties that need assistance in the form filing used in child custody, support and protection. It is compulsory for the parties involved in custody matters to attend the workshop on cooperative parenting. Those who cannot afford an attorney can contact the family law facilitators; they can guide you without any cost. They can meet both parties but cannot represent you in court and cannot give legal advice. Call 209-533-6565 to make an appointment with the facilitators.

How can I file a small claim case?

Tuolumne County Small Claim Court handles all matters in which the claim is up to $7500 for a person and $5000 for a business. It is a special court where issues are resolved quickly and with less cost. The rules are very simple. You can file a small claim case by filling out the forms available online and in the clerk’s office. Type your and the defendant’s personal information, the reason and the amount you are claiming and send it to the court. You can contact the small claim advisor if you need help or assistance. The court will recommend that both parties attend a mediation session on the day of the hearing so your case can end with a successful resolution.

How many types of juvenile cases are handled by this court?

Tuolumne County juvenile court handles the cases in which a minor is involved. Two types of cases are taken that are:

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· Juvenile delinquency cases:

It includes cases in which a juvenile violates the rules and is charged with violating the law, and it is considered a crime if an adult commits it. The transfer-ins for this type of case are held every Monday at 8:00 am.

· Juvenile dependency cases:

It involves a case in which the juvenile is neglected or abused. The child’s further responsibility and placement will be given to the child protective service. The transfer-ins for this type of case are held every Monday at 1:00 pm.

Juvenile cases are confidential, and the data is only provided to the person involved, like the parents, attorney and lawyer.

The traffic court handles which types of cases?

Tuolumne County traffic court handles adult and juvenile traffic and vehicle violations that include speeding, driving without or with an expired license, going while you have drugs, accidents etc. They also handle some ordinances related to the city and local. The criminal division handles the cases that involve DUI. The court will mail you a courtesy notice on the citation address after you receive a traffic or infraction ticket. That notice will tell you detailed information on the citation number, schedule, violation you had done, bail amount, eligibility for traffic violation school etc. If your citation includes a court appearance, then appearing in the court on the schedule is mandatory. Many options for resolving traffic tickets if a court appearance is not required are: 

  • Sign up for the traffic school if your case is eligible. After completing it, your traffic infraction records will be removed.
  • Pay the total amount of the fine on time
  • Show some proof of correction if the case is related to insurance or no vehicle registration and pay a reduced amount of fine with the correction fees.
  • Contest the violation by requesting a trial by sending a plea of not guilty. Two types of trials are available: written declaration trials and trials by the court.

You had to respond with a solution before the deadline. Contact the clerk’s office if you are still waiting to receive any mail for courtesy notice.

What is the responsibility of the clerk?

Tuolumne County clerk’s responsibilities are to collect the mail, fine. Give answers to questions that the people asked. Provide family law facilitator and mediation services and help the judge in the case. The clerk is responsible for setting the hearing date.

Tuolumne County Superior Court – Branch Location

The Tuolumne County Superior Court’s Branch Location is an integral part of the judicial system in Sonora, California. This article aims to provide an in-depth look at this branch location, its services, and its role in the legal landscape of Tuolumne County

In Tuolumne County, the Superior Court is divided into various branch locations to efficiently handle legal matters. The Branch Location on 60 North Washington Street in Sonora, CA 95370, is one such center that plays a crucial role in the local judicial process.

Contact Information

  • Address: 60 North Washington Street, Sonora, CA 95370
  • Phone: 209-533-5563
  • Fax: 209-533-5581

Role of the Branch Location

The Sonora Branch Location specializes in hearing criminal and traffic cases, serving as a hub for resolving legal matters within the county

Online Court Resources for California Courts

Technology has made accessing court information and services much more convenient. This guide covers key online resources for California courts, with a focus on Tuolumne County Superior Court.

Searching Court Case Records Online

You can search court records and track cases online through court websites. This allows you to look up critical information on both civil and criminal matters without having to visit the courthouse.

Searching Criminal Cases

The Tuolumne County Superior Court website allows you to search criminal cases by defendant name, case number, or citation number. This lets you find details like upcoming hearing dates, charges filed, case documents, and verdicts.

Viewing Court Calendars and Dockets

On the Tuolumne County Superior Court website, you can view the court calendar to see scheduled hearings and proceedings for the current week. Dockets provide further information on filings, orders, and events in a case.

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Accessing Published Court Opinions and Orders

Many courts publish select opinions, orders, and notes online. For example, you can find Tuolumne County Superior Court probate notes and tentative civil rulings on their website. Published opinions provide valuable case law precedent.

Getting Court Forms and Related Information

Filing court paperwork can be complex. Thankfully, you can now find many court forms and guidance online.

Finding Local and Statewide Court Forms

The Tuolumne County Superior Court website offers a wide selection of local forms available to download by form name. You can also access forms for all California Superior Courts on the California Courts website.

Interactive Online Court Forms

Sites like TurboCourt let you answer questions to automatically generate completed California court forms ready for filing. This can save significant time and effort.

Making Payments for Fines and Fees

Many court-ordered fines and fees can now be paid online, which is much faster and easier than mailing payments or delivering them in person.

Paying Traffic Tickets and Fees Online

The Tuolumne County Superior Court website allows online payment of traffic citations and related court fees. This includes options for paying traffic tickets as well as court-ordered traffic school.

Using Self-Help Resources

Court procedures and legal research can be complex for non-lawyers. Various self-help resources are available online to assist.

Getting Information on Local Court Procedures

The Tuolumne County Superior Court website provides extensive information explaining policies and procedures for different types of cases, including family law, small claims, probate, juvenile, and traffic matters.

Finding Statewide Self-Help Resources

The California Courts website offers detailed self-help information on topics like divorce, child custody, elder issues, restraining orders, suing someone, responding to a lawsuit, and more.

Researching the Law

Resources like the Official California Legislative Information website allow you to search and read state statutes. Some California county law library websites also have helpful research guides.

Finding Legal Assistance

If you need a lawyer but cannot afford high legal fees, some options to find assistance include:

Contacting the Public Defender

The Tuolumne County Public Defender provides free criminal defense representation to low-income defendants. Visit their website for more information.

Locating Free and Low-Cost Legal Aid

Organizations like Central California Legal Services offer free civil legal services for qualifying low-income residents in regions of California, including Tuolumne County.

Getting Lawyer Referrals

The State Bar of California offers lawyer referral services to help find lawyers in your location and practice area. Some may offer lower rates for initial consultations


Key Takeaways

  • Many court records, forms, payments and resources are now conveniently available online
  • Useful sites like county court and California Courts websites have helpful information and services
  • Options exist for getting affordable legal assistance through legal aid and lawyer referrals

Next Steps

  • Search court records online for useful case information
  • Locate and download needed court forms without traveling to the courthouse
  • Consult court websites to better understand processes and prepare for hearings
  • Seek out legal aid services if needing a lawyer on a budget

Utilizing online court resources can make navigating California’s courts much easier. Sites like the Tuolumne County Superior Court website provide a wealth of helpful information and services at your fingertips. With more courts expanding their online offerings each year, accessing California courts will only become more convenient

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What happens if I fail to appear or pay on time?

If you fail to appear or do not pay the fine on time, further conviction and fine will be imposed on you, your driving license and insurance will be suspended, and a $100 civil penalty will be imposed on you.  

How can I request an interpreter?

If you want an interpreter, contact (209) 533-5563 for Criminal and Traffic case types or (209) 533-5555 for Civil and Family Law. You have to contact them as soon as possible otherwise it isn’t easy to arrange it on time.

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