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Solano County Superior Court

Solano County Superior Court is a California superior court having jurisdiction over Solano County. It is one of the oldest courts in the town; its hall of justice was made in 1970, and then further construction continued. This court has two branches, one in Fairland and the other in Vallejo, that consists of a justice hall, center of law and justice and the old courthouse. It takes criminal, civil, family, traffic and juvenile cases, etc. The administration also offers court rules for this court.


Solano County Superior Court Division is handled by the Clerk’s office and that consist of the following:

  • Civil Division
  • Vallejo and Fairfield Criminal Division
  • Small Claim Division
  • Court of Juvenile Division
  • Fairfield and Vallejo Traffic Division
  • Division of Family Law
  • Probate Division

Vallejo Branch:

Solano County Superior Court Vallejo branch is located at 321 Tuolumne St, Vallejo, CA 94590. It is a justice branch and handles cases of Criminal and Traffic division. Its parking is situated on the west side of Tuolumne Street, with the nearest cross street being Virginia Street. The court security is very secure; they do screening of all visitors. The operation hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm from Monday to Friday. The administration gives facilities to all disabled persons that visit the court.    

Fairland Branch:

Solano County Superior Court Fairland Branch Justice Hall is situated at 600 Union Ave, Fairfield, CA 94533. It handles cases of criminal, civil, family law, traffic, probate and juvenile. Parking is also available at the adjacent Solano County Government Center, at the corner of Delaware and Jefferson Streets. The operation hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm from Monday to Friday and every visitor is scanned for entry. They also provide facilities to all disable persons that visit the court.   

Case Search:

Solano County Superior Court Case Search can be done online using the California court database in the following ways:

  • Search using name and city
  • Search using the case number
  • Search using warrants details
  • Search using sentencing details
  • Search using mugshots 
  • Search using date


Solano County Superior Court Case payment can be made by the following methods:

• In-Person:

A person can pay by visiting the court during business hours.

• Online

Online payment is also available. Pay online at 

• Mail

A person can pay by sending checks or money orders to the court. The mailing address is 600 Union Avenue, Fairfield, CA 94533.

Filing Fees:

Solano County Superior Court filing fees depend upon the type of case a person is involved in. For example, the filing fee for a civil case that contains a petition for a decree of change of name is $435. The renewal fee for application to appear as counsel pro hac vice for every year as a case continues is $500, the advance jury fee filing fee is $150, Ex parte application requires a party to give notice of the ex parte appearance to other parties filing fee is $60 and Petition to prevent civil harassment (other), and response filing fees is 435.

Family Law:

Solano County Superior Court Family law cases are handled by the family division in the Fairland branch. It handles and solves cases of divorce, child support, child custody and other family matters. They also help with family law, counseling recommendations for child custody, programs related to family law and child support application services forms. This court is located in the justice center and provides mediation facilities. For any guidance or information, contact them.



Solano County Superior Court Zoom services are provided for jury trials or cases hearing due to coronavirus. The jury will do instructions on the report on zoom after 5:30 pm, and these instructions will tell if the person will need to appear in person for the case or not. Zoom conference meeting IDs and passports are provided through email or phone.

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Traffic Division:

The Solano County Courthouse Traffic Division contains cases related to traffic matters of Fairland or Vallejo branches. This court is located in the justice building of the branches. Traffic school, court appearances in some cases, forms for the cases, all things are online guided by these court divisions. Contact this division during business hours if you want more information for your cases or call them.

Phone: 707-207-7360

Criminal Record:

Solano County Courthouse’s criminal record contains the background of the crime or information about the person that commits the crime. It is available in the California department of justice attorney general office. For the criminal record information, finger-based checks and roll fingerprint cards are required from the requesters. A person who wants the information must record a review in the application field with the reason for application and submit the form to Solano County Sheriff’s Office located at 530 Union Avenue, Fairfield, CA 94533. For further information, call the court

Phone: 707-207-7300


Solano County Courthouse marriage is done by the family law court division. The fee for a public marriage license is $75, and for hidden, the fee is $95. After you get the marriage license, the court performs a marriage ceremony. For getting a marriage license, the couple must be 18+ and have a valid photo identification like a driver’s license, passport etc., that can prove their identity.


How many local rules are available for the court?

Solano County Superior Court local rules consist of 19 and some alphabet and numbers index forms.

What is a family law form?

Solano County Superior Court Family law forms contain the forms of family matters like adoption, divorce, child custody, eviction, name change, marriage, domestic violence, elder abuse, etc.

How can I search inmates for this court?

Solano County Superior Court inmate search can be done online using the inmate’s first and last name and enter on search all. Location, charge, bail amount and all other inmate information will be displayed.

 What is the phone number of a small claims court?

Solano County Superior Court’s small claims phone number is 707-207-7335

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