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Pasadena Municipal Court was established in 1893. Pasadena Municipal courts will productively address problems affecting the locals and businesses in the city of Pasadena. Pasadena Municipal Court will devote itself to giving ideal municipal services responsive to the overall community and compatible with the city’s history, culture, and antique character. The court website had a Pasadena Channel that gives information about the meeting in the Council City, events, news conferences, and many more.

Pasadena Municipal Court Case Search:

Pasadena Municipal Court Case can be searched in the following ways:

  • Searching by Name
  • Searching by Citation Number
  • Searching by Docket Number 
  • Searching by PD Case Number
  • Searching by Vehicle Plate Number
  • Searching by VIN

Pasadena Municipal Court Payment:

Brown Municipal Court payment can be made in four ways:


A person can make payment by visiting the Court during business hours with the necessary documents.


A person can make payments online by using any online payment system. The Court accepts all online payment methods.

Pay by Phone:

A person can pay a fine by phone by using a phone credit card payment system.

Pasadena Municipal Court Cost:

Pasadena Municipal Court Cost depends upon the case type. For example, if a person involves in violation 8090, that is, Affray, the total fine is $375. If a person is involved in violation 3105, driving without an invalid License, the total fine is $225.

Pasadena Municipal Court Driving Safety Cost:

Pasadena Municipal Court introduced Driving Safety Cost for the person charged with a definite misdemeanor under Title 7, Subtitle C, and Transportation code; while working on a motor vehicle, according to the law, they must be given safety training. For this Training, a person must not complete driving training within the past 12 months. Fill in your information and send it to the Pasadena Municipal Court mail address.

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Pasadena Municipal Court Division:

Pasadena Municipal Court Division consists of three primary divisions. 

  • Civil Division
  • Prospection Division
  • Liability and Claims

Pasadena Municipal Court Docket:

Pasadena Municipal Court Docket tells the schedule of the upcoming dockets. It gives information about the Date, Time, Docket, Court Room, and Judges. If you want the complete case information, click on view cases, and then case, defendant, offence, and all detail will appear.

Pasadena Municipal Court Virtual Court:

Pasadena Municipal Court Virtual Court is a virtual hearing system introduced in COVID-19. The Court listened to all cases remotely via videoconferencing, and all case virtual hearings will be live streamed on YouTube, but recording is not allowed.

Pasadena Municipal Court Virtual Court Appearance Request:

Pasadena Municipal Court Virtual Court Appearance Request can be done by filling out the form. Fill in your personal information and submit the form. The Pasadena Municipal Court will give you a response in 5 to 6 working days via phone or email.

Pasadena Municipal Court City Marshal office:

Pasadena Municipal Court City Marshal’s office gives out municipal warrants provided outside the Court and helps other agencies give warrant issues to people in Pasadena.

Pasadena Clean Streets Community Service Program:

Pasadena Clean Streets Community Service Program is a separate department and is not a part of Municipal Court. This service program had a task force that provided cleaning services to Pasadena and other municipal courts.

Pasadena Municipal Court Juveniles:

Pasadena Municipal Court Juveniles means that if you got a fine due to violence and your age is under 17, you must pay the fine by visiting the Court with your parents or guardians. The child and his parents committed to giving their current address information to the Court. If they change their address, inform the Court; otherwise, they may be arrested.


How many rules are there for Pasadena Municipal Court?

 Pasadena Municipal Court rules consist of six local rules that everyone must be followed in the Court.

Does the City Attorney’s Office advise citizens on a legal matter?

No, the City Attorney’s Office does not advise citizens on a legal matter. They only represent as a municipal entity in the Pasadena Municipal Court.

Where did Pasadena Municipal Court City Marshall Office Operate?

Pasadena Municipal Court City Marshall Office operates its services in Harris and nearby countries.

What is Pasadena Municipal Court General Information?

Pasadena Municipal Court General Information gives some general information related to the case. It gives details about Court Dates, Fines, Family Violence, Juveniles, and Warrant Information.

How is the Family Violence offence paid?

A person involved in family violence may have to enter a plea in Court before the judge. After the plea, you can pay your fine in person, online, by mail, or by phone. 

How can we get information for assistance in the warrant line?

You can get information for assistance in the warrant line by contacting them on the phone using 713-475-5559.

Which Clothes are not allowed in the Pasadena Municipal Court?

Proper Attire is necessary for the Court. Shorts, flip flops, tanks, and halter tops are not allowed in the Court.

What is the result if we do not pay the fine or do not appear in Court?

If any person fails to pay the fine on time and does not appear in Court, then the result is:

  • Driver’s License renewal is rejected
  • Vehicle Registration renewal is rejected
  • Extra fine and an arrest warrant are issued

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