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The Norwalk Municipal Court is a court of record located in Huron County, Ohio with jurisdiction over all areas of the county except for Lyme and Sherman Townships. Established on January 1, 1976, the court has been serving the residents of Huron County for over 46 years. The Honorable Judge Eric R. Wiesenberger has been serving as the judge of the Norwalk Municipal Court since November 2013.

Before his appointment to the bench, Judge Wiesenberger was a highly respected and experienced attorney, having practiced law in Huron County for 23 years. He also served as the Assistant Law Director for the City of Willard and several other local communities for many years. With a strong legal background and commitment to serving the people of Huron County, Judge Wiesenberger is a valuable asset to the Norwalk Municipal Court.

How to search for case records?

Searching for case records in the Norwalk Municipal Court is a simple process that can be done online. The court has made it easy for individuals to access court records through their website at

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To search for records, all you need to do is visit the website and fill out the form provided. You will be asked to provide some basic information, such as the name of the individual or case you are searching for. Once you have entered the required information, you can see the results related to your search. The Norwalk Municipal Court has made it easy for individuals to access court records quickly and easily through their online search tool.

How to make a payment?

The Norwalk Municipal Court offers a variety of payment options to help individuals easily pay their fines and fees. These payment methods include:

In Person:

 You can make a payment in person by visiting the Clerk’s office at the Norwalk Municipal Court.

Over the Phone:

Payments can be made over the phone by calling the Clerk’s office at the Norwalk Municipal Court.

Via Mail: 

Payments can also be made by mailing a check or money order to the Clerk’s office at the Norwalk Municipal Court.


The Norwalk Municipal Court also accepts online payments through their website. These are payment methods can be used for court fees, payments, fines and other transactions

How to Take Virtual Hearing?

If you need to attend a virtual hearing in the Norwalk Municipal Court, you can follow these steps:

Request Information: If you require verified information about the records of the Norwalk Municipal Court, you may send a request to the court.

Virtual Hearing: You can attend a virtual hearing in the Norwalk Municipal Court by visiting the court’s website. The court may have set up a virtual hearing platform or system for you to participate in the hearing from a remote location.

It is important to contact the Norwalk Municipal Court in advance to confirm the procedures for attending a virtual hearing and to obtain any necessary instructions or information. Virtual hearings are an efficient and convenient way to attend court proceedings while maintaining the necessary safety measures during the pandemic or other circumstances.

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How can I resolve my traffic tickets?

If you have received a traffic ticket in the Norwalk Municipal Court, you have several options to resolve the matter. Here is how you can resolve your traffic tickets:

  • Attend a Hearing: The Norwalk Municipal Court handles all traffic and criminal misdemeanors within its jurisdiction. If you have received a traffic ticket, you can attend a misdemeanor traffic and criminal initial appearance hearing, which are held on Mondays (except holidays) at 10:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. in Norwalk, Ohio.
  • Pay the Fine: If you agree to pay the fine associated with your traffic ticket, you can do so in person, over the phone, via mail, or online. You can visit the Norwalk Municipal Court website to learn more about the payment options available to you.
  • Request a Waiver or Bond: If you are unable to attend the hearing, you can request a waiver or bond. The Norwalk Police Department, located at 37 N. Linwood Avenue, Norwalk, Ohio, is open 24 hours a day and will accept payment for waivers, bonds, etc.
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Failure to appear in Court as required will result in serious consequences. An arrest warrant will be issued for your failure to appear, and you may be required to post bond.

How many pleas can be sent to the court?

In the Norwalk Municipal Court, a defendant must enter one of four possible pleas when hearing the charges against them. These pleas include:


This plea means that the defendant admits to committing the crime charged and accepts responsibility for it.

Not Guilty: 

This plea means that the defendant denies committing the crime charged and wishes to have a trial to determine their innocence or guilt.

No Contest: 

This plea means that the defendant does not admit to committing the crime charged but does not contest the prosecution’s evidence against them.

Double Jeopardy: 

This plea is not commonly used but means that the defendant is being charged with the same crime twice, in violation of the Double Jeopardy Clause of the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution.

The court shall make a copy of the plea or deposition for anyone who requests it, or they may permit the person to copy the record. However, the original papers shall not be removed from the file without the court’s consent and a written receipt given for it.

How can cases be resolved using online municipal case resolution?

Although there is no information on the official sources of the court which suggests that the cases can be resolved through online municipal case resolution, but if you make a special request and the honorable judges issue a special legal permission in this regard then it is possible. In short, Online case resolution facility is not available yet.

What is the role of the court clerk?

The Clerk of Court in the Norwalk Municipal Court has a significant role in the court’s operations. The Clerk is responsible for maintaining the civil docket, which contains all the information related to the civil cases and proceedings in the court. The Clerk is also responsible for mailing a copy of the judgment entry to the defendant after receiving the filing and a pre-addressed envelope from the plaintiff.

The Clerk must also notify the party entitled to a default judgment by mailing them a notice, and if no response is received, the case will be dismissed without prejudice. The Clerk must keep the final and complete record of each case, including any requests for views of the scene, which must be in writing and filed with the court. The Clerk is also responsible for managing transportation costs for the viewing of the scene by depositing $50 in advance for each request.

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How can a marriage license be obtained?

To obtain a marriage license in the Norwalk Municipal Court, the following requirements must be met:

  • Both parties must personally appear with government-issued photo identification and the application fee of $50.
  • The ceremony must take place in the same town where the license is being obtained.
  • If either party is under 18 years of age, a signed permission from the Judge of Probate Court is necessary.
  • To complete the licensing process, call the Town Clerk’s office at 203-854-7747 to schedule an appointment, which is available Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm and Wednesday and Friday from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.
  • A completed application form must be submitted in person with the fees ready.
  • The license is valid for 65 days from the date of application.
  • For same-sex couples, identification information may be placed on either side of the form.
  • A certified copy of the marriage license can be obtained for $20.

It is important to note that while the application form may be filled out at home, both parties must still appear in person to complete the licensing process. A list of Justices of the Peace who can perform the marriage ceremony is available for view.

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What is the jurisdiction of the Norwalk Municipal Court?

The Norwalk Municipal Court has jurisdiction over a wide range of cases within its geographical area, including traffic violations, ordinance violations, misdemeanors, and some civil cases.

What is the process for filing a case in the Norwalk Municipal Court?

The process for filing a case in the Norwalk Municipal Court depends on the type of case and the specific court rules, but typically involves filing a complaint, paying any necessary fees, and serving the defendant with the complaint.

What is the difference between a trial by judge and a trial by jury in the Norwalk Municipal Court?

In a trial by judge, the judge decides the outcome of the case based on the evidence and testimony presented, while in a trial by jury, the decision is made by a group of citizens who hear the evidence and testimony and deliberate to reach a verdict.

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