Norfolk circuit court

Norfolk Circuit Court


Working Hours:
Monday: 8:45 am–4:45 pm
Tuesday: 8:45 am–4:45 pm
Wednesday: 8:45 am–4:45 pm
Thursday: 8:45 am–4:45 pm
Friday: 8:45 am–4:45 pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed


Judge David W. Lannetti
Judge John R. Doyle, III
Judge Jerrauld C. Jones
Judge Robert B. Rigney
Judge David W. Lannetti
Judge Mary Jane Hall
Judge Tasha D. Scott
Judge Everett A. Martin, Jr.
Judge Michelle J. Atkins


Marguerite Forker Laraia

Chief Prosecutor

Ramin Fatehi
Dial: 757-389-8942
Fax: 757-389-8942


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Clerk of Courts

 George E.Schaefer

The Norfolk Circuit Court is located in Downtown Norfolk at 150 General District Court Saint Paul’s Boulevard. Norfolk Court will control all civil cases that require claims of $4500 to $2500. Felonies that are severe criminal cases and family issues such as divorce, custody, etc., are also handled by this court. There are different courts in Norfolk that will address other instances. In Court, they keep a strong and well-pleased workforce committed to furthering their vision and mission statement.  

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Norfolk Circuit Court is a crucial part of Virginia’s judicial system. It is one of the 31 circuit courts in Virginia, and it serves the residents of Norfolk City. The court is responsible for handling a broad range of legal cases, including criminal, civil, and domestic cases. This article provides an overview of Norfolk Circuit Court, its jurisdiction, processes, challenges, and future.

Location and Jurisdiction

Norfolk Circuit Court is located at 150 St. Paul’s Blvd, Norfolk, VA 23510. The court serves the City of Norfolk, which has a population of over 244,000 residents. The court has jurisdiction over cases that are within the city’s limits.

Types of Cases Handled by Norfolk Circuit Court

Norfolk Circuit Court is responsible for handling various types of cases, including civil, criminal, and domestic cases. Civil cases include lawsuits where an individual or entity is seeking damages or compensation for a wrongful act. Criminal cases involve charges against individuals or entities for violating the law, and domestic cases involve issues related to family law, such as divorce, child custody, and support.

Norfolk Circuit Court Division:

Norfolk Circuit Court Division consists of three types:

  • Division for Criminal
  • Division for Civil
  • Division for Licenses, Permit, Finance, and Jury

Norfolk Circuit Court Civil

Norfolk Circuit Court Civil is a division accountable for all types of civil cases given to this court. It is also responsible for the matters of estate and the transaction of recordation of all land in the Norfolk City Boundary. Contact them for any civil issues.

Phone:(757) 769-8539 Ext 447

Email: [email protected]

Norfolk Circuit Court Criminal

Norfolk Circuit Court Criminal is a division responsible for all criminal cases, information, procedure, and solutions. Contact them for any criminal matter.

Phone: (757) 769-8539 Ext 446

Email: [email protected]  

Norfolk Circuit Court Fine Payment

Norfolk Circuit Court acceptable payment can be made in three ways:


A person can pay a fine by visiting the Court during business hours with the necessary documents.


A person can pay a fine online by using any online payment system. The Court accepts all online payment methods.


A person can send a check to the mailing address of Norfolk County Municipal Court. The mailing address is 150 St. Paul’s Boulevard 7th Floor Norfolk, VA 23510

Norfolk Circuit Court Case Information

Norfolk Circuit Court Case Information can find out on the case management portal. Choose the Norfolk Circuit Court from the case management system list, and all case information will be provided.

Norfolk Circuit Court Case Fees

Norfolk Circuit Court Case Fees depend upon the type of cases. For example, the charges for Adoptions are $96, fee charges for Expungement are $103, fee charges for Pawnbroker’s License are $91, fee charges for power of attorney are $27, etc.

Norfolk Circuit Court Marriage License

Norfolk Circuit Marriage License is provided by the Clerk’s Office. The application form is available in the terminal of public access to the customer waiting area. The minimum age should be 18 years, and the fee for the license is $30. Photo Identification is mandatory for the marriage license.

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Norfolk Circuit Court Divorce

Norfolk Circuit Court Divorce contains Do it Yourself Divorce and Contested divorce. Do it Yourself divorce is an online program that uses cutting-edge technologies and infrastructure called Law Help Interactive; in Contested Divorce, all matters are handled by the Commissioner in Chancery.

Norfolk Circuit Court Divorce Plan

Norfolk Circuit Court Divorce Plan contains four if someone wants a divorce. A complete procedure must be followed for a divorce. A party must ask an attorney for a full explanation of legal matters involved in the divorce. Forms for divorce procedure and an annulment manual is available on the website. Fees for a divorce case are $91.

Norfolk Circuit Court Passport

Norfolk Circuit Court Passport Service is available five days a week. There is no need for an appointment, and all applications are received on a first-come, first serve basis. All passport services like a photograph are provided in the court. A person can also fill an online application for passport service. The passport fee depends upon a person’s age and all services they take in court.

Norfolk Circuit Court Probate Office

Norfolk Circuit Court Probate Office provides the process for probate, and it is ready by Virginia Court Clerk Association. It contains the appointment form, manual process form, and living wills manual form.

Norfolk Circuit Court Docket

Norfolk Circuit Court Docket contains a daily docket that includes cases time, judge, court, case number, plaintiff, defendant, and many things according to the case type.

Procedures and Processes in Norfolk Circuit Court

Filing a case in Norfolk Circuit Court requires following specific procedures and processes. The court has an e-filing system that allows individuals and attorneys to file their cases online. After filing, the case goes through a pretrial conference, where the parties involved discuss the case and try to reach a settlement. If a settlement is not reached, the case proceeds to trial. The trial process involves presenting evidence, witnesses, and arguments to a judge or jury. After the trial, the losing party may appeal the decision.

Judges and Staff of Norfolk Circuit Court

Norfolk Circuit Court has five judges who are responsible for hearing and deciding cases. The judges are appointed by the General Assembly and serve eight-year terms. To be a judge in Norfolk Circuit Court, an individual must be a resident of the City of Norfolk, licensed to practice law in Virginia, and have at least five years of legal experience.

The staff of Norfolk Circuit Court includes clerks, bailiffs, and court reporters. They are responsible for maintaining court records, assisting judges during court sessions, and ensuring that the court proceedings run smoothly.

Technology and Innovation in Norfolk Circuit Court

Norfolk Circuit Court has implemented various technologies and innovations to improve the court’s efficiency and accessibility. One of the significant technological advancements is the e-filing system, which allows attorneys and individuals to file their cases electronically from anywhere. This system reduces the time and cost associated with filing cases manually.

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Another technological advancement in Norfolk Circuit Court is the remote hearing system. This system allows parties involved in a case to participate in court proceedings from a remote location. It has been beneficial during the COVID-19 pandemic, where social distancing and safety measures are necessary.

Additionally, Norfolk Circuit Court has modern courtroom technology, such as document cameras and high-quality video and audio systems, which allow for more efficient and effective presentation of evidence and testimony.

Community Outreach and Programs of Norfolk Circuit Court

Norfolk Circuit Court is committed to community outreach and has several programs aimed at educating the public, particularly youth, about the legal system. The court has a mentoring program that matches youth with attorneys, judges, and court staff, providing them with an opportunity to learn more about the legal system and career opportunities in law.

The court also hosts various outreach programs for youth, such as the Law Day program, which provides students with a chance to interact with judges, attorneys, and other court staff. Additionally, Norfolk Circuit Court has a volunteer program that allows members of the community to participate in court proceedings and assist the court with various tasks.

Challenges and Future of Norfolk Circuit Court

Like any other court system, Norfolk Circuit Court faces several challenges. One of the significant challenges is budgetary constraints, which can affect the court’s ability to provide services and resources necessary to operate effectively.

Another challenge is the backlog of cases, which can result in delayed justice for individuals and entities involved in legal disputes. Norfolk Circuit Court has implemented several measures to address the backlog, such as hiring additional staff, increasing the number of judges, and modernizing court technology.

In the future, Norfolk Circuit Court plans to continue its efforts to modernize and improve court technology, enhance community outreach and education, and address budgetary constraints and case backlogs.


Norfolk Circuit Court plays a critical role in upholding justice in Virginia, and it serves as a vital resource for the residents of Norfolk City. The court’s location, jurisdiction, processes, judges, staff, technology, community outreach, and challenges are crucial factors that shape its operations and future.


How many rules are for Norfolk Circuit Court?

Norfolk Circuit Court Rules consist of four local rules named rules for the civil plan, rules for the criminal method, rules for divorce plan, and rules for the civil docketing procedure.

Are phones allowed in Norfolk courthouse?

No phones, cameras, smartwatches, and any other recording items are not allowed in the Norfolk courthouse.

What is Probate?

Probate is an office in Norfolk Circuit Court that records the dead person’s will as the authentic and last valid will. 

How much are name change fees? 

Norfolk Circuit Court Name change fees are $46.

How do I change my name?

A name change petition and order form will be filled out if you want to change your name.

How long does it take to get a divorce?

The time required to get a divorce depends upon the situation. Sometimes it will be done in a day, and sometimes it takes years.

Can I search for properties by address?

No, Properties can only be searched by using names.

I paid my fine, but my license was suspended for non-payment of court costs. What can I do now?

You must bring the receipt, credit card bill, and check of cancellation to the court during business hours, and then your license suspension will be canceled.

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