nevada county superior court

Nevada County Superior Court

Nevada County Superior Court: A Comprehensive Guide

Nevada County Superior Court is the judicial branch in Nevada County, California, responsible for upholding the law and administering justice. The court system is dedicated to providing fair and impartial resolutions to legal disputes, while ensuring the rights and liberties of all individuals are protected. In this article, we will delve into the various court locations, divisions, services offered, and online resources available to assist you in navigating the Nevada County Superior Court system.

Court Locations and Divisions

Nevada County Superior Court operates two main locations: the Truckee Branch and the Nevada City Branch. Each branch offers a range of services and houses various court divisions to handle different types of legal matters.

Truckee Branch

The Truckee Branch is located at 10075 Levon Avenue, Truckee, CA 96161. This branch offers services in criminal, civil, family law, and small claims matters.

Nevada City Branch

The Nevada City Branch can be found at 201 Church Street, Nevada City, CA 95959. This location handles a broader range of cases, including criminal, civil, family law, juvenile, probate, and small claims matters.

History of Nevada County Superior Court

The Nevada County Superior Court has a long and rich history, dating back to the early days of the California Gold Rush. The court was first established in 1851, shortly after Nevada County was formed as a separate political entity from Yuba County. Since then, the court has undergone many changes, including the adoption of the California Constitution of 1879, which created the modern state court system. Today, the Nevada County Superior Court is part of the Sixth Appellate District of the California Courts of Appeal.

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Court Divisions and Departments

Nevada County Superior Court has several divisions to handle specific legal disputes. These divisions are as follows:

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Civil Division

The Civil Division deals with non-criminal disputes between individuals, businesses, or government entities. Cases handled in this division include personal injury, property disputes, contract disputes, and landlord-tenant issues.

Criminal Division

The Criminal Division hears cases involving violations of criminal law. This includes infractions, misdemeanors, and felonies. The court’s primary responsibility is to ensure that justice is served and the rights of the accused are protected.

Family Division

The Family Division focuses on matters related to marriage, divorce, child custody, support, and other family-related issues. This division aims to provide timely and compassionate resolutions to these sensitive matters.

Juvenile Division

The Juvenile Division is responsible for cases involving minors who are accused of committing crimes, as well as cases related to child abuse, neglect, and dependency. The focus of this division is on rehabilitation and providing the necessary resources for the well-being of the child.

Probate Division

The Probate Division handles cases related to estates, trusts, conservatorships, and guardianships. This division ensures that the assets of a deceased person are distributed according to the law or the decedent’s wishes.

Small Claims Division

The Small Claims Division is designed to help individuals and businesses resolve disputes involving monetary claims of $10,000 or less. This division offers a more streamlined and cost-effective alternative to traditional civil litigation.

Types of Cases Handled by Nevada County Superior Court

The Nevada County Superior Court handles a wide variety of cases, including:

  • Criminal cases: misdemeanors, felonies, and infractions, such as traffic violations.
  • Civil cases: personal injury, contract disputes, property disputes, and small claims.
  • Family law cases: divorce, child custody, support, paternity, and domestic violence.
  • Probate cases: wills, trusts, estates, and conservatorships.
  • Juvenile cases: delinquency, dependency, and emancipation.

Online Services and Resources

Nevada County Superior Court provides various online resources to help individuals navigate the court system and access important information related to their cases.

Case Information

The court’s website offers an online portal where you can search for case information by providing the case number, party name, or other relevant details. This resource helps individuals keep track of their case status, upcoming hearings, and other essential information.

Forms and Filing

The court’s website also provides a comprehensive library of forms needed for various legal proceedings. You can download these forms and find instructions on how to complete and submit them. Additionally, the court offers electronic filing (e-filing) services for certain types of cases, making the process more convenient and efficient.

Self-Help Resources

Nevada County Superior Court recognizes that navigating the legal system can be challenging, especially for those who choose to represent themselves. The court offers a variety of self-help resources, including workshops, informational guides, and links to external resources to assist individuals in understanding the legal process and their rights.

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Filing a Case in Nevada County Superior Court

To file a case in Nevada County Superior Court, you must first determine which division or department your case falls under. You can then visit the court’s website or go to the courthouse to obtain the necessary forms and instructions. You will need to pay a filing fee, which varies depending on the type of case.

Once you have filed your case, you will receive a court date and must attend any necessary hearings or trials. You may also need to provide evidence and testimony to support your case.

Court Procedures and Rules

The Nevada County Superior Court follows certain procedures and rules to ensure fair and efficient administration of justice. These include:

  • Rules of evidence: Determines what types of evidence are admissible in court.
  • Statute of limitations: Sets a time limit for filing certain types of cases.
  • Discovery: Allows parties to obtain evidence from each other before trial.
  • Jury selection: Involves selecting a group of jurors to hear a case and decide a verdict.
  • Sentencing guidelines: Determines the appropriate punishment for criminal offenses.

Access to Court Records and Information

The Nevada County Superior Court provides public access to court records and information through its online portal and courthouse terminals. However, certain types of records may be restricted or require a court order to access. The court also offers assistance in locating and obtaining court records.

Nevada County Superior Court Judges and Staff

The Nevada County Superior Court has several judges and staff members who are responsible for administering justice and providing services to the public. Judges are appointed by the Governor of California and serve six-year terms. The court staff includes clerks, court reporters, bailiffs, and other support personnel.

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Community Outreach and Programs

The Nevada County Superior Court is committed to community outreach and education, and offers several programs and services to promote access to justice and civic engagement. These include:

  • Court tours and presentations for schools and community groups.
  • Self-help workshops and clinics for individuals representing themselves in court.
  • Volunteer programs, such as the Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) program, which provides advocacy for children in the dependency system.

Nevada County Superior Court Case Search

To search for a case in the Nevada County Superior Court, visit the court’s online portal. You can search by case number, party name, or other relevant details to access case information, including the case status and upcoming hearings.

Nevada County Court Case Search

For a more general search of court cases in Nevada County, you can use the Public Portal. This portal allows you to search for both Superior Court and limited jurisdiction court cases by case number, party name, or filing date.

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Nevada County Court Calendar

The Nevada County Superior Court provides an online calendar that displays scheduled hearings and events. You can search the calendar by date, department, or case type to find information about upcoming court proceedings.

Nevada County Superior Court Local Rules

Local rules govern the procedures and conduct of cases within the Nevada County Superior Court. You can access the complete set of local rules on the court’s website under the Local Rules section. These rules are updated periodically, so it’s essential to review them regularly to ensure compliance.

Nevada County Court Records Search by Name

If you need to search for court records by name, you can use the Nevada County Superior Court’s online portal or Public Portal. Both portals allow you to search for court records by entering the names of the involved parties.

Nevada County Superior Court Department 6

Department 6 is one of the courtrooms within the Nevada County Superior Court. Specific case assignments and department calendars can be found on the court’s online calendar by selecting “Department 6” from the drop-down menu.

Court View Justice Solutions Nevada County

Court View Justice Solutions is a case management software used by some courts. However, Nevada County Superior Court does not use Court View. Instead, the court provides case information and resources through its online portal and Public Portal.

Nevada County Superior Court Remote Appearance

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Nevada County Superior Court has implemented remote appearances for certain court proceedings. The court uses the BlueJeans video conferencing platform to facilitate remote appearances. You can find more information about remote appearances, including how to request one, on the court’s Remote Appearance page.

Nevada County Superior Court Phone Number

To contact the Nevada County Superior Court, you can call the main phone number at (530) 362-4309. Alternatively, you can find phone numbers for specific departments and services on the court’s Contact Us page.


Nevada County Superior Court is committed to providing access to justice and ensuring that the rights of all individuals are protected. With two main locations and various divisions, the court system offers a range of services to help resolve legal disputes. By utilizing the online resources and services available, individuals can better understand the court process and more effectively navigate the legal system.


Q: How do I find out when my court date is?

A: You can find your court date by searching for your case information on the Nevada County Superior Court’s website. You will need your case number or the names of the involved parties.

Q: Can I pay my fines or fees online?

A: Yes, the Nevada County Superior Court allows you to pay fines and fees online through their website. Be sure to have your case number and other relevant information on hand.

Q: What should I wear to court?

A: It is essential to dress appropriately when attending court. Business or conservative attire is recommended, and you should avoid wearing shorts, hats, or clothing with offensive language or images.

Q: Can I get legal advice from the court?

A: Court personnel cannot provide legal advice. However, the court offers self-help resources and workshops to assist you in understanding the legal process. You may also want to consult with a legal aid organization or hire an attorney for professional advice.

Q: How do I request an interpreter for my court appearance?

A: If you require an interpreter for your court appearance, you should notify the court as soon as possible. You can make this request by contacting the court clerk’s office at the location where your case is being heard.

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