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Mansfield Municipal Court is a court of jurisdiction located in Richland County, Ohio, excluding the Shelby, Shiloh, Plymouth (Richland County), and six northern townships. The Court is established as per section 1901.01 of the Ohio Revised Code and is governed by two judges and one magistrate. It presides over various cases including civil, criminal, and traffic and conducts both jury and non-jury trials.

The court also operates two components – Judiciary and Administration, which are overseen by the Court Administrator who acts as the chief executive officer and reports to the judges of the court. Additionally, Mansfield Municipal Court is recognized for its development of specialized dockets such as Veterans Court, Domestic Violence Court, Mental Health Court, and Treatment Court. These dockets aim to reduce the costs associated with repeated incarceration, protect victims, and reduce recidivism by linking community resources with defendants.

How to search for case records?

Mansfield Municipal Court maintains records of all the cases that are heard in the court. These records are considered public records and are accessible to the general public through official sources. The records can be found by visiting the official website of the court at To access the records, you will be required to provide some basic information such as the case number, defendant’s name, or date of birth.

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It is important to note that not all records may be available online, and in some cases, you may need to request the information in person or through the mail. The court may also charge a fee for providing certain records, so it is advisable to check with the court beforehand. Mansfield Municipal Court records are a valuable resource for anyone seeking information about a case or a person. By using the official website, you can easily access the available public records and get the information you need.

How to make a payment?

The Mansfield Municipal Court offers several convenient payment options to help you take care of fines, fees, and other charges. These payment methods include:

Cash: You can make cash payment in person at the court clerk’s office. Be sure to bring the exact amount, as the court may not have change available.

Money Order: The court also accepts money orders. Money orders can be purchased at many financial institutions, including banks, post offices, and some convenience stores. When making a payment by money order, be sure to include the case number and the defendant’s name on the payment to ensure proper credit.

Credit Card: The Mansfield Municipal Court also accepts credit card payments using Mastercard and Visa. This option offers a convenient and secure way to pay fines and fees. However, it is important to note that there may be additional fees associated with using a credit card, so be sure to check with the court beforehand.

The Mansfield Municipal Court provides several payment options to accommodate your needs and make paying fines, fees, and other charges as convenient as possible.

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How to Take Virtual Hearing?

If you are searching for virtual hearings, remember it appears that the Mansfield Municipal Court has not yet implemented an online or virtual hearing option.

Contact the official website of the Mansfield Municipal Court or contact the court directly for the recently updated information on any changes to its procedures or services.

How can I resolve my traffic tickets?

To resolve traffic tickets in Mansfield Municipal Court, you can take advantage of the Traffic Violations Bureau or Minor Misdemeanor Violations Bureau. These bureaus are authorized to process and dispose of traffic offenses and minor misdemeanors, respectively, for which no court appearance is required by law, the court, or the discretion of the arresting officer.

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You can find a schedule of fines for traffic violations and minor misdemeanors at the office of the Violations Clerk or Deputy Clerks. This schedule is subject to change by the Judge and can be updated periodically. You may be able to waive your right to a trial and plead guilty to the charge. You can do this by visiting the office of the Violations Clerk or Deputy Clerks, who are authorized to accept waivers and guilty pleas.

How many pleas can be sent to the court?

The Mansfield Municipal Court allows for three types of pleas in criminal cases: Plea of Guilty, Plea of Not Guilty, and Change of Plea.

Plea of Guilty: A plea of guilty is a formal admission of guilt in a criminal case. If you enter a plea of guilty, you are acknowledging that you have committed the crime with which you are charged. This plea can be entered in open court or in writing, and it is a conviction.

Plea of Not Guilty: A plea of not guilty is a formal denial of guilt in a criminal case. If you enter a plea of not guilty, you are stating that you did not commit the crime with which you are charged. This plea allows you to proceed to trial and present evidence in your defense.

Change of Plea: If you have already entered a plea of not guilty, you may change your plea to guilty or no contest at any time before the verdict is reached at trial. This is known as a change of plea. You must have a valid reason for changing your plea, and the court must be satisfied that the plea change is made voluntarily and with a full understanding of the consequences.

How can cases be resolved online?

As we told you earlier, there is no virtual hearing or online municipal case resolution program in the court yet. However, there is every possibility that the court will introduce the online case resolution program in the coming days, keep an eye on the official sources of the court.

What is the role of the court clerk?

The Clerk of the Mansfield Municipal Court plays an important role in ensuring that the court’s proceedings are organized and efficient. The Clerk is responsible for receiving and processing filings, motions, and other documents related to cases before the court. In the event of a failure of service, the Clerk is responsible for notifying counsel or the party immediately to ensure that they are aware of the situation.

The Clerk is also responsible for notifying parties that their case may be dismissed if they do not provide good cause within a fixed period of time. The Clerk is also responsible for collecting payments made to the Mansfield Municipal Court and ensuring that they are processed properly. The Clerk is responsible for determining the indigency status of parties before taking any action on filings or other documents related to a case. The Clerk’s role is crucial in ensuring that the court operates smoothly and fairly for all parties involved.

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How can a marriage license be obtained?

Getting a marriage license in Mansfield Municipal Court requires taking the following steps:

  • Schedule an appointment by contacting the court at 419-755-9615 to confirm availability.
  • Participants are required to bring non-perishable food items as a donation to local food banks, although there is no charge for the ceremony.
  • Civil marriage ceremonies are performed on the last Wednesday of each month, subject to the court’s schedule availability.
  • The Mansfield Municipal Court performs the civil marriage ceremonies and issues the marriage license.

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Please note that additional requirements for obtaining a marriage license, such as proof of identity and age, may vary by jurisdiction. Contact the Mansfield Municipal Court for more information on the specific requirements and procedures for obtaining a marriage license in the area.


What is needed to be designated as trial counsel in Mansfield Municipal Court?

Attorneys need to specify their role as trial counsel on all pleadings and provide office details, Supreme Court registration number and contact information.

How to withdraw from trial counsel in Mansfield Municipal Court?

Withdrawal from trial counsel is possible with the consent of the Judge after presenting a written entry or motion with reasons and serving opposing counsel.

What are the rules for making motions in Mansfield Municipal Court?

Motions must be written, served on opposing counsel, and made within the time limits specified in Ohio Rules of Civil and Criminal Procedure.

How to waive a jury trial in Mansfield Municipal Court?

Notify the Assignment Commissioner at least 5 working days before trial date if waiving or settling the case.

How are proceedings recorded in Mansfield Municipal Court?

Proceedings are recorded by audio or video recording device, but a certified court reporter can be requested 14 days prior to trial if desired.

How to obtain a court reporter in Mansfield Municipal Court?

Request for a court reporter must be made 14 days prior to trial, the cost will be agreed upon by parties or determined by the Judge.

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