Lyndhurst Municipal court

Lyndhurst Municipal Court

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Lyndhurst Municipal Court was established in 1948 by Ohio.RC is located in Lyndhurst city. This court has administrative power in Lyndhurst, Maple, Richmond Height, and Mayfield cities. In Lyndhurst Municipal Court, Legal fights are solved according to law. The court’s goal is to serve all people’s requirements by giving them information about the court and its facilities. The Court website will provide all information and easy negotiation for all the users.

What Services they offer?

Lyndhurst Municipal Court will provide the following services to the people:

  • Service of Wedding
  • Service of Resources
  • Service of Expungements

how to do Payment on :

payment can be made to court in three ways:

· In-Person:

A person can pay a fine by visiting the court during business hours with necessary documents. Sometimes, it is necessary to come to court for payment; a person must visit the court to make payment.

· online:

A Person can pay online using the online payment link available on the website using a Debit/Credit of Master Visa card. E-Filing is also available for online payment.

· Mail:

A person can send a check to the mailing address of Lyndhurst Municipal Court. The mailing address is 5301 Mayfield Rd, Cleveland, OH 44124, United States. 

How to do a Case Search

Case Search can be done by going into case information and then searching the case following ways:

  • Searching using Name
  • Searching using Case Number
  • Searching using Case Type
  • Searching using Attorney
  • Searching using Ticket/Citation Number
  • Searching using Advanced Attorney

Domestic Violence Intervention Program:

Lyndhurst Municipal Courts Domestic Violence Intervention Program is developed to acknowledge the cases where criminals can be held responsible for their actions by joining them into programs that help them pivot to preventing future criminal behavior. This Domestic Violence Intervention Program’s purpose is to promote accountability and resource distribution to the accused and the victim and to protect victim rights by decreasing recidivism.

what are requirments for that Program :

Lyndhurst Municipal Courts Domestic Violence Intervention Program requirements are:

  • Municipal, state, and federal law should be followed
  • Collaborative and truthful with the officers and court
  • When the person is in the program then do not do any violent activity
  • Counseling, Mental Health Program, Anger Management, etc. are recommended by the court to minimize violent activity in the future

What is Waiver Schedule?

Waiver Schedule contains the citation and against them their Fine, Court Cost, State Fund, CRIS Fund, and the total amount to be payable, Like for over speeding near school zone the total fine pay will be $235, Earphone while driving fine will be $230, etc.

What is Court Filing Fees?

Lyndhurst Municipal Court Filing Fees contains the schedule costs. It contains the filing cost of all departments for Amended Complaints; the cost will be $50; for Bank Attachment by Certified Mail, the cost will be $50, etc.

law statue

What is Expungements?

Lyndhurst Municipal Courts Expungements is a court service in which, under section 2953 of the Ohio Revised Code, a legal process is given for sealing the record case. Application Forms for Conviction Seal Record and Dismissal of Seal Record are available in this court service.

what is the Procedure of Wedding?

Wedding is also a court service in which a wedding is performed. $50 is the marriage fee, which is paid every month on the 2nd and 4th Friday. Wedding information is submitted in which all wedding information like spouse name, phone, email, etc. should be filled.

how can I access Resources?

Resources is also a court service in which links related to court rules and local ordinances are given. The resource center will give links to legal clinics, a lawyer service, and information to those people who do not have any legal representation.


How many departments does Lyndhurst Municipal Court have?

There are a total of six departments that are working in Lyndhurst Municipal Court.

What is the Lyndhurst Municipal Court Department’s Name?

Lyndhurst Municipal Court Departments’ names are Civil department, Criminal department, Parking department, Probation department, Traffic department, and Camera Ticket Department.

What are the Forms and Documents in Lyndhurst Municipal Court?

Lyndhurst Municipal Court Forms and Document contains all the forms related to services and departments. It also contains forms that have bank attachments.

What if I need to reschedule my appointment or if I miss an appointment?

You should call your probation officer by phone or email if you want to reschedule your appointment.

Phone: (440) 461-6500 ext. 274

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (657) 872-2122

What is the joining fee of the Domestic Violence Intervention Program?

Lyndhurst Municipal Court Domestic Violence Intervention Program joining fees are $250.

How will an application for any opening in Lyndhurst Municipal Court be submitted?

Application for any opening in Lyndhurst Municipal Court will be submitted online. The Online Employment Application link is available on the career page; you can fill in all your information and submit it online.

Which cases are available in the Civil Department?

Lyndhurst Municipal Court Civil Department contains small claims, eviction, and rental escrow cases.

How many rules are for Lyndhurst Municipal Court?

There are 51 local rules that everyone followed by everyone in the court.

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