lancaster county courthouse

Lancaster County Courthouse

The Lancaster County Courthouse stands as a remarkable architectural and historical landmark in the heart of Lancaster, a city in Pennsylvania, United States. This iconic structure serves as the seat of justice for the county, housing various courtrooms, administrative offices, and playing a vital role in the local legal system. With its rich history, stunning architecture, and significant influence on the community, the Lancaster County Courthouse has become an essential institution in the region.

Introduction to Lancaster County Courthouse

The Lancaster County Courthouse, located at County court Lancaster, PA, United States, has a history that dates back to its early construction in 1852-1853. This imposing building stands as a testament to the enduring significance of the legal system and serves as a symbol of justice within the community.

History and Architecture

Early history and construction

The Lancaster County Courthouse has witnessed over 1852-1853 years of history, starting with its establishment in 1729. Initially constructed in 1737, the courthouse has undergone several renovations and additions over time, preserving its historical integrity while accommodating modern needs.

Architectural features and design

The courthouse exhibits a magnificent architectural style, blending elements of Philadelphia Sloan. The interior showcase creates a captivating atmosphere that reflects the building’s historical significance.

Judicial Functions

Courtrooms and chambers

The Lancaster County Courthouse boasts courtrooms, each serving a specific legal function. These courtrooms provide a dignified setting for hearings, trials, and other legal proceedings. They are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to support the efficient administration of justice.

Administrative offices

In addition to courtrooms, the courthouse houses various administrative offices responsible for managing the legal system’s day-to-day operations. These offices facilitate the smooth functioning of the courts and ensure the timely processing of cases.

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Legal System and Processes

Types of cases heard

The Lancaster County Courthouse handles a wide range of cases, including civil, criminal, and family law matters. It serves as a venue for both trial and appellate courts, accommodating the diverse legal needs of the community.

Court procedures and trials

The courthouse follows well-established court procedures, ensuring fair and impartial trials. From jury selection to the presentation of evidence and final verdicts, the legal process unfolds within the walls of the Lancaster County Courthouse, upholding justice and protecting the rights of all parties involved.

Notable Cases and Landmarks

Famous trials and legal events

Over the years, the Lancaster County Courthouse has witnessed several landmark trials and legal events that have captivated public attention. From high-profile criminal cases to groundbreaking civil litigation, these notable proceedings have shaped the county’s legal history.

Historical landmarks within the courthouse

Within the courthouse, visitors can explore historical landmarks that commemorate significant legal milestones. These landmarks serve as reminders of the courthouse’s enduring legacy and the impact it has had on the community.

Accessibility and Visitor Information

Public access and visiting hours

The Lancaster County Courthouse is open to the public from Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. Visitors can explore designated areas of the courthouse. It is advisable to check the official website or contact the courthouse for any restrictions or changes in visiting hours.

Guided tours and educational programs

To provide visitors with a deeper understanding of the courthouse’s history and legal processes, guided tours and educational programs are available. These initiatives offer a unique opportunity to explore the building’s architecture, learn about landmark cases, and gain insights into the functioning of the legal system.

Preservation and Restoration Efforts

Maintenance and renovations

Preserving the historical integrity of the Lancaster County Courthouse is of paramount importance. Regular maintenance and periodic renovations are carried out to ensure the building’s structural stability and the conservation of its architectural features.

Preservation of historical features

Efforts are made to protect and restore the courthouse’s historical features. By preserving these elements, the courthouse continues to tell its story and allows visitors to experience the grandeur of the past.

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Role in the Community

Importance to local residents

The Lancaster County Courthouse holds immense significance for the local residents. It serves as a symbol of justice, upholding the rule of law and ensuring that the rights of individuals are protected. The courthouse’s presence in the community fosters trust in the legal system and provides a sense of security to its residents.

Community events and activities

Beyond its judicial functions, the courthouse also hosts community events and activities that engage the public. These events promote legal awareness, encourage civic participation, and strengthen the bond between the legal system and the community it serves.

Lancaster County Courthouse Phone Number

The Lancaster County Courthouse can be reached at +1 717-299-8041. If you have any inquiries or need information regarding court procedures, visiting hours, or other courthouse-related matters, feel free to contact the courthouse using the provided phone number.

Lancaster County Criminal Court Case Search

If you are looking to access information about criminal court cases in Lancaster County, there are resources available to conduct a case search. The Lancaster County Court provides online access to its records, allowing individuals to search for criminal court cases using the designated search tools on their website. By entering relevant details such as case numbers, names of the parties involved, or specific dates, you can retrieve information about criminal court cases in Lancaster County.

Lancaster County Court Case Lookup

To perform a court case lookup in Lancaster County, you can utilize the online resources provided by the Lancaster County Court. By accessing their official website, you can navigate to the court case lookup feature and enter the required details, such as case numbers or the names of parties involved. This convenient tool enables you to retrieve information about court cases, including case statuses, hearing dates, and relevant court documents.

Lancaster County Court of Common Pleas

The Lancaster County Court of Common Pleas is the primary trial court in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. It has jurisdiction over a wide range of civil and criminal cases. The Court of Common Pleas handles matters such as personal injury claims, family law disputes, probate and estate cases, and various criminal offenses. The judges presiding over these cases in the Court of Common Pleas ensure that justice is administered fairly and impartially.

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Lancaster County Courthouse Marriage License

The Lancaster County Courthouse is responsible for issuing marriage licenses to eligible couples who wish to marry in Lancaster County. To obtain a marriage license, couples must visit the courthouse during designated hours and complete the necessary application forms. It is advisable to contact the courthouse or visit their official website to obtain detailed information about the specific requirements and procedures for obtaining a marriage license in Lancaster County.

Lancaster County Courthouse Directory

The Lancaster County Courthouse maintains a directory that provides information about various offices and departments housed within the courthouse. This directory serves as a valuable resource for individuals seeking specific information or services related to the courthouse. It lists contact details, including phone numbers and office locations, for the different departments, making it easier for visitors to navigate the courthouse and seek assistance as needed.

Lancaster County Court Records

Lancaster County Court records are an essential source of information for individuals involved in legal proceedings or conducting research. These records document court cases, judgments, rulings, and other relevant information pertaining to legal matters within Lancaster County. The Lancaster County Court maintains and preserves these records to ensure transparency and accessibility to the public. To access specific court records, individuals can utilize the online resources provided by the court or visit the courthouse in person to request access to the desired records.


The Lancaster County Courthouse stands as a testament to the region’s legal history and architectural beauty. With its rich heritage, pivotal legal functions, and active role in the community, it remains an essential institution. Whether as a visitor exploring its historical significance or as a participant in the legal system, the Lancaster County Courthouse continues to inspire and uphold justice.


Is the Lancaster County Courthouse open to the public?

Yes, the Lancaster County Courthouse is open to the public during designated visiting hours. Visitors can explore specific areas of the courthouse and learn about its history and legal processes.

Can I visit the courtrooms during ongoing trials?

In general, access to courtrooms during ongoing trials may be restricted for security and privacy reasons. However, guided tours and educational programs provide valuable insights into courtroom proceedings and the legal system.

Are there any restrictions on photography inside the courthouse?

To maintain the integrity of the legal process and protect the privacy of individuals involved in court proceedings, photography is often prohibited inside the courthouse. Visitors are advised to comply with any regulations regarding photography.

Are guided tours available for visitors?

Yes, guided tours of the Lancaster County Courthouse are available to provide visitors with a comprehensive understanding of its history, architecture, and legal functions. These tours offer a unique opportunity to explore the courthouse and learn about its significance.

What are some famous cases associated with the courthouse?

The Lancaster County Courthouse has been the venue for numerous famous trials and legal events throughout its history. These cases have left an indelible mark on the courthouse’s legacy and the legal history of the region.

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