Irondequoit court

Irondequoit Town Court


Working Hours:
Monday: 9:00 am– 5:00 pm
Tuesday: 9:00 am– 5:00 pm
Wednesday:9:00 am– 5:00 pm
Thursday:  9:00 am– 5:00 pm
Friday: 8:00 am– 4:00 pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed


Judge Patrick K. Russi
Judge Jennifer Whitman DeVoe
Judge Joseph J. Valentino



Chief Prosecutor

Sandra Doorley
Dial: 585-336-6040
Fax: 585-336-9235
Email: [email protected]


Connect with a Attorney

Clerk of Courts

Cheryl Stewart
Michele Rast 
Terri Gay

Irondequoit Town Court is a city courthouse in the county of Monroe, New York. It is located within the 4th and 7th judicial district departments. The court has jurisdiction over the case of criminal, civil and small claims matters, family offenses, Traffic and vehicle violation, violation of Town Code and penal law, and beverage control and Environmental conservation law that occurs in that town. It is a three-town justice court and holds hearings one day each week.

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How to search for the case record?

Irondequoit Town Court records information for any case is available at the court office in files, on the computer, and online. The case search can be online in the following ways: 

  • Searching by name
  • Searching by case number
  • Searching by address
  • Searching by phone
  • Searching by email

Some information about cases is not available online because they are confidential by law, like family abuse, criminal offenses, etc. These types of information are only available at the court office. You had to submit a form for this information by visiting the court, and then the court would respond whether to provide the record information or not. Mostly confidential information is only given to the person involved in the case or to the police or investigation agency. There is no fee for the record search.

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What is the court schedule for the hearing of cases?

Irondequoit Town Court schedule for case hearing by the judges are:

  • Patrick K. Russi: Monday at 3:00 pm
  • Jennifer Whitman DeVoe: Tuesday at 1:00 pm 
  • Joseph J. Valentino: Wednesday at 6:00 pm

How can traffic Infraction be paid online?

Irondequoit Town Court traffic infraction can be paid online if you know the judge’s name handling the infraction and the amount of fine due in the court. If you see this information, click on the judge name link, follow the stops, and your online payment will be made. If you do not remember the judge’s name, then contact the court for further information and guidance.

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How to make payments?

Irondequoit Town Court pays tickets, and fines can be made in the following ways:


A person can pay for traffic tickets and fines by visiting the court during regular court hours and paying in cash, checks, or with a card at the counter. 2.99% convenience and other charges will be applied if you pay with a credit card.


A person can make an online payment using the online portal amount offered by the court. Only traffic tickets and parking violations can be paid online. Criminal or other violation fines will be paid only by visiting the court in person. A 4% service charge will occur if using an online payment method.


 A Person can send a certified check or money order to the court’s mailing address. The address is 1300 Titus Ave, Rochester, NY 14617, United States. Cash or personal checks are not acceptable in the mail; only certified checks or money orders are accepted. 

 How to file a small claim case?

Irondequoit Town Court handles cases in which the claim is up to $3000. To file a small claim case, a person had to come to the court during business hours in person and fill out the form. You had to write in the form the reason for claiming and the amount you are suing. The person and the company that is involved in the case must be from this town. A guide to small claims will be available on the website for any information you can read; if you feel difficulty, call 585-336-6040 ext. 2341.

The traffic court handles which types of cases?

Irondequoit Town Court Traffic Division Court handles cases of traffic and vehicle violations. The violation includes speeding, accidents, using cell phones while driving, failing to follow a traffic signal or traffic control device, driving with a suspended or no license, leaving the scene of the accident, and driving recklessly. Enter a plea of guilty or not guilty and send it to court. The court will respond whether to appear in court or pay the fine. Hire a professional traffic Ticket attorney for traffic and speeding cases because they can defend you against the traffic charges in court.

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How to get a marriage license?

Irondequoit Town Court’s marriage license is obtained from the clerk’s office and is provided by Monroe County. The fee for a marriage license is $40 and for certificates is $10 per copy. The couple’s age must be 18+. The couple had to bring an original birth certificate with a certified copy and a photo ID that proves their identification, like a driver’s license. If this is anyone’s second marriage, a divorce paper or spouse’s death certificate must be required at the time of registration. If anyone wants copies, fill out the marriage research application, and submit it to the court. It is valid for up to 60 days. A person has to make an appointment when they want a marriage license. You had to apply for a permit 24 hours before the marriage ceremony. To make an appointment, call 585-467-8840.

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Why are jury trials held?

Irondequoit Town Court jury trials will be held for the variation of criminal, traffic and other matters whenever the defendant requests it. Contact the court during working hours for questions about the jury trial or service. Call the court after 5 pm before the trial evening if you are selected for this service.

Phone: (585) 336-6040 extension #9.


Do I need to report to the court if I receive a jury summons?

No, you do not need to report to the court if you received a jury summons.

When is my court date?

Your court is determined according to the case. Contact the court to speak with the court clerk for the case date.

What to do because I received a traffic ticket?

Enter a plea of guilty or not guilty and send it to the court. The court will respond in a few days.

What are surcharges?

It is the fees required in vehicle traffic according to section 1809 for the conviction under the law of penal and traffic. 

What are the fees for driver’s assessment?

Visit for the fee information about driver’s assessment.

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