Fullerton Court


Working Hours:
Monday: 8:00 am–5:00 pm
Tuesday: 8:00 am–5:00 pm
Wednesday: 8:00 am–5:00 pm
Thursday: 8:00 am–5:00 pm
Friday: 8:00 am–5:00 pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed


Judge Leversen, Michael A.
Judge George Berenson
Judge Robbins, Roger B. 
Judge Knox, Robert A.
Judge Knox, Robert A.
Judge Gaffney, Donald F
Judge Ferguson, Jeffrey M.
Judge Steiner, Scott A.
Judge Rogan, James Edward
Judge Gordon, Beatriz M.
Judge Brown, Jacki C.
Judge Dourbetas, Nico
Judge Thompson, Nicholas S.


Marguerite Forker Laraia

Chief Prosecutor

Paul Walter
Dial: 877-872-2122
Fax: (714) 871-0040


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Fullerton Court, also called Justice Center of North, is a North Orange County Court of Jurisdiction. This court gives its services in Anaheim, Brea, Buena Park, Cypress, Fullerton, La Habra, La Palma, Placentia, and Yorba Linda. It contains a superior court that gives an entire facility of security. The court hears and solves civil, minor, criminal, and traffic cases. An online appointment for an issue is available due to coronavirus. This court is also known as a poor voice because it gives legal representation to those who cannot afford a lawyer for cases.

Fullerton Courthouse Extension:

Extension can get for citation and traffic school completion from the Clerk’s Office. The 45-day extension is allowed once with an additional second extension of 30 days. Suppose no previous failure to appear or warrant issue for a case; then the second extension is given. The court accepts all card payments, and the service provider charges a fee of $6.20.

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how to do Fine Payment?

Payment can be made with three methods:


A Person can make payment by visiting the court during business hours.


A Person can make payment by using the phone. For paying by phone, dial 877-872-2122


A Person can pay by sending a check to the court’s mailing address. The court’s mailing address is 1275 N. Berkeley Avenue, Fullerton, California 92832.  

how to get Case Access?

Case Access can be done in the following ways:

  •  Access by Person Name
  • Access by Business Name
  • Access by Case Number
  • Access by Filing Date
  • Access by Unlawful Detainer
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What type of Forms are available?

Forms are provided by the Superior Fullerton Court, and they help the people in completing the form of:

Approved State Judicial Council Form

It gives statewide approved forms for all division cases.

Locally Approved Form

It gives state judicial form for all division cases 

Packet Form of Self-Help

It gives different packet forms and review of documents forms.

how much is Fees?

Fees depend upon the type of cases. Probate fees for the first administration special letter without general personal representation power is $200, Fees for confession of judgment are $45, Fees for Advance Jury are $150, Petition fee for adoption is $20, Blocked Account withdrawal funds petition fees is $60. The price for the conservator’s information package is $20.

how to do E-Filing?

E-Filing is the filing of cases electronically. When the document is filled, it will be received by the court with a date and time and a confirmation receipt. All Division cases are filed electronically except for some civil probate cases. Those cases that are not e-filed are: 

  • · Cases for bench warrants, cash and check deposit of labor commissioner, and subpoenaed documents and undertaking. 
  • · Probate Cases for small value for real property, documents for subpoenaed, submission of financial documents by the private, professional conservator and undertaking.

how to register Marriage License?

Marriage License is given by the family law division of Fullerton County of Orange. An application must be submitted either online or after making an appointment. The Court offers two types of marriage licenses:

Public Marriage License:

The public Marriage License fee is $61, and anyone can demand a copy of the information for that marriage. These licenses can be used anywhere in the State of California.

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Confidential Marriage License:

The hidden Marriage License fee is $66.Its information is personal, and the only couple can get the information. These licenses can be used anywhere in the State of California. 

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How to file A Divorce?

Divorce is done by the division of family law. You can contact a lawyer for a divorce case or represent yourself by contacting the center of self-help. It takes at least six months to get a divorce. Irreconcilable differences and Incurable insanity are two types of grounds available for divorce. 


How many divisions are working in Fullerton Court?

Five divisions are working as Civil, Criminal, Probate, Family Law, and small case division.

How many rules does Fullerton Court have?

Fullerton Court rule consists of 10 local regulations, and all divisions follow these rules in the court.

What are the traffic court working hours?

Traffic court hours for working are at 4:00 pm every First Tuesday of the Month.

Phone: (657) 872-2122

What is the responsibility of the Fullerton Court District Attorney? 

District Attorney’s responsibility is to work every day to support and increase the safety of the public in the community.

How to schedule a court appearance date in Fullerton Court?

Fullerton Court appearance date can be scheduled in three ways:

  • · Walk-in Appointments
  • · Online
  • · By Phone

Which type of clothes are allowed in the Fullerton Court?

Decent, neat, and comfortable are allowed in the Fullerton Court. A person must dress appropriately in court. Sleeveless shirts, shorts, and sandals are prohibited in the court.

What is the Fullerton Costco Food Court menu?

Fullerton Costco, Food Court menu, are:

  • All beef hot dogs or polish.
  • Chicken bake.
  • Hot turkey and provolone sandwich.
  • Chicken caesar salad.
  • Pizza.
  • Bbq beef brisket sandwich

What is 1640 Fullerton Court Glendale Heights?

1640 Fullerton Court Glendale Heights is an area where an Industrial Warehouse Distribution property size of 149,219 SF with 7.22 acres is available

What is 10 Fullerton Court Kirwan?

10 Fullerton Court Kirwan is a property that contains a bedroom and two parking spaces with a bathroom house. 691 land size and 125-meter square floor size. It was sold in 1997. 

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