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Fall River Probate and Family Court

If you’re a resident of Bristol County, Massachusetts, dealing with legal matters related to probate and family issues, the Fall River Probate and Family Court is an essential resource for you. Located at 289 Rock Street, Fall River, MA 02720, this court provides a wide range of services to help you navigate the legal landscape efficiently. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore all the vital details about the Fall River Probate and Family Court, including its address, hours, parking, services, accessibility, and more.

Navigating the Court’s Services

Overview of Fall River Probate and Family Court

The Bristol Probate and Family Court in Fall River serves all the cities and towns in Bristol County. It’s a crucial institution for those dealing with family and probate matters, offering a range of services and resources.

Operating Hours

The court operates from Monday to Friday, with the following schedule:

  • Monday – Friday: 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

These hours provide you with ample opportunity to access the court’s services during the workweek.

Parking Options

While visiting the Fall River Probate and Family Court, you’ll find metered parking on the streets around the courthouse. Although parking may be limited at times, it’s a convenient option for those traveling by car.

Public Transportation

For those who prefer public transportation, Fall River offers options through the SRTA (Southeastern Regional Transit Authority). You can reach SRTA at (508) 999-5211 or visit their website at www.srtabus.com. This makes it easier for individuals without personal vehicles to access the court.

Range of Services

The court offers a variety of services to assist visitors:

  • Receive assistance in the virtual registry
  • eFiling in the Probate and Family Court
  • Sign up for eReminder notifications for your court events

These services are designed to streamline your experience and make legal processes more accessible.

Ensuring Accessibility

Accessibility Information

Fall River Probate and Family Court is committed to ensuring accessibility for all individuals. If you have any questions or require specific accommodations, please contact the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) coordinator, Sharon Lemrise, using the following contact details:

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This dedicated support ensures that everyone can access the court’s facilities and services without any hindrance.

Additional Information

Key Personnel

To make your experience as smooth as possible, here are some key personnel at the Fall River Probate and Family Court:

  • Judge’s Lobby: Hon. Katherine A. Field, First Justice
  • Register’s Office: Thomas C. Hoye, Jr., Register
  • Probation Department: Michele Mullin, Chief Probation Officer

These individuals play crucial roles in the court’s operations and can provide assistance when needed.

How to Access Court Case Records and Legal Resources in Massachusetts

Navigating the legal system and accessing court case records can be a daunting task. Fortunately, in Massachusetts, there are various resources and services available to help individuals find the information they need. In this article, we’ll provide an overview of how to access court case records and explore other legal resources in the state.

Accessing Court Case Records

If you’re looking for court case records in Massachusetts, you can follow these steps:

  1. Types of Case Records: Massachusetts provides access to various types of case records, including Superior, District, Probate and Family, Housing, Land, and Boston Municipal Court records.
  2. Online Search: You can search for case records online through the official Massachusetts court website. The website provides instructions on how to perform searches effectively.
  3. Courthouses: If you prefer to access records in person, you can visit the courthouses where the cases were filed. Many courthouses have public access computers where you can search for records.

Published Opinions and Legal Opinions

In addition to case records, you can access published opinions and legal opinions in Massachusetts. Specifically:

  • Published Opinions: These are official court decisions and rulings that have been published for public reference.
  • Attorney General Legal Opinions: You can view legal opinions issued by the Massachusetts Attorney General.

Legal Forms

Legal forms are essential for various legal processes. In Massachusetts, you can:

  • Court Forms: View and download forms for use in all Massachusetts courts. These forms are categorized by topic or court department, and many are available in multiple languages.
  • Legal Forms: Access legal forms that may not be filed in court, such as tax forms, contracts, and wills. These can be found at the Massachusetts Trial Court Law Libraries.

Self-Help and General Information

For individuals seeking self-help resources or general legal information, Massachusetts offers the following:

  • Bristol County Abuse and Domestic Violence Resources: The Bristol County District Attorney’s Office provides brochures and guides with information about abuse and domestic violence. They also offer contact information and links to hotlines, shelters, and services.
  • Problem-Solving Courts: Learn about specialty court sessions that offer alternatives to incarceration for individuals with substance abuse or mental health issues. This includes Adult and Juvenile Drug Courts, Veterans’ Treatment Courts, Mental Health Courts, Homeless Court, and more.
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR): Explore court-connected ADR programs that help parties resolve disputes without going to trial. The website provides links to approved programs and guidelines.
  • Child Support Services: Information about child support services, including how to apply, make payments, and modify orders. Online application and payment systems, guidelines, calculators, and forms are available.
  • Civil Self-Representation: Get information on representing yourself in a civil case, including the types of cases, court procedures, and settlement. Additional resources, both print and online, are also provided.
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Court Rules and Standing Orders

Understanding court rules is crucial. Massachusetts offers access to rules of civil, criminal, and appellate procedure, as well as dispute resolution rules and standing orders. Most of these rules are available as downloadable e-books for easy reference.

Fee Waiver Requests

If you’re unable to pay court fees and costs, Massachusetts provides instructions on how to request a fee waiver. Links to the indigency guidelines and application forms are included.

Law Libraries

Massachusetts Trial Court Law Libraries offer valuable resources, including:

  • Ask a Law Librarian Service: Get assistance through online chat, text, or email.
  • Document Delivery: Access to important legal documents.
  • Online Legal Research Resources: Links to online legal research resources.
  • Downloadable E-Books: Access court rules and other legal documents.
  • Links to Massachusetts Laws: Easy access to laws, court rules, opinions, regulations, and administrative agency materials.

Legal Information and Resources

For a wide range of legal issues, Massachusetts offers information and assistance in multiple languages. Find out about legal aid eligibility, free and low-cost program referrals, and self-help resources.

Legal Terminology

Legal terminology can be confusing. Massachusetts provides a glossary of legal terms used in its courts.

Massachusetts Laws

Search Massachusetts General Laws by keyword or chapter and section, or browse by table of contents. You can also search for historical laws and documents, and access a guide to researching legislative history.

Self-Help Resources

If you’re representing yourself in Massachusetts courts, find information by legal topic. Topics include court procedure, legal assistance, consumer protection, abuse and harassment prevention, criminal law, family matters, guardianship, housing, probate, small claims, and traffic. Links to forms are provided for your convenience.

Traffic and Motor Vehicle Information

The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles offers online information about vehicle registration, driver licenses, traffic laws and hearings, manuals, forms, and service center locations.

Legal Aid and Lawyer Referral

If you need legal assistance, Massachusetts provides several options:

  • Bristol County Lawyer Referral: The Bristol County Bar Association offers a lawyer referral service.
  • Bristol Probate and Family Court Lawyer for the Day: Learn about a program that provides income-eligible parties with advice, guidance, and legal assistance.
  • Limited Assistance Representation: Get information about limited assistance representation, where lawyers provide some services to self-represented parties for a smaller fee.
  • Attorney Discipline Records: Access attorney discipline decisions from the Massachusetts Board of Bar Overseers.
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Community Legal Services

Community Legal Services and Counseling Center (CLSACC) is a volunteer-based agency that combines legal assistance with mental health counseling. They offer services related to disability benefits, family law, housing, and immigration law.

Filing Complaints

If you have a complaint about an attorney, Massachusetts provides information on how to file a complaint, along with links to agencies that handle attorney discipline.

Consumer Protection

The Massachusetts Attorney General’s Consumer Advocacy and Response Division offers information on consumer protection services, debt, mortgages, foreclosures, utilities, complaints against businesses, local consumer programs, and filing consumer complaints.

Lawyer Directories

Search the Board of Bar Overseers directory of Massachusetts attorneys by name, bar number, and location. Additionally, the Massachusetts Bar Association offers a lawyer referral service and Dial-A-Lawyer free advice service.

Legal Assistance

Find links to a directory of organizations offering free or low-cost legal services, “Lawyer for the Day” volunteer lawyer programs, limited assistance representation, lawyer referral services, and Massachusetts and national lawyer directories.

Working With a Lawyer

Learn about working with a lawyer, including payment, confidentiality, criminal matters, and complaints.

Accessing legal information and resources in Massachusetts is crucial when dealing with legal matters. Whether you’re looking for court case records, legal forms, self-help resources, or assistance from legal professionals, the state provides a comprehensive array of services to support you. Remember to use these resources wisely to ensure your legal needs are met effectively.


Navigating legal matters can be challenging, but with the Fall River Probate and Family Court by your side, you can access valuable resources and services. Whether you need assistance with family issues or probate proceedings, this court is here to support you.

For additional information and updates, please visit the official website of the Fall River Probate and Family Court. Remember that legal processes can be complex, so don’t hesitate to reach out to the court’s personnel for guidance.


  1. How do I get to the Fall River Probate and Family Court?
    • You can find the court at 289 Rock Street, Fall River, MA 02720. Metered parking is available nearby, or you can use public transportation through SRTA.
  2. What are the court’s operating hours?
    • The court is open from Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.
  3. What services are offered at the Fall River Probate and Family Court?
    • The court provides assistance in the virtual registry, eFiling, and eReminder notifications for court events.
  4. How can I contact the ADA coordinator for accessibility concerns?
    • You can reach out to Sharon Lemrise at 508-977-6076, or email her at [email protected].
  5. Who are the key personnel at the court?
    • Hon. Katherine A. Field is the First Justice, Thomas C. Hoye, Jr. serves as the Register, and Michele Mullin is the Chief Probation Officer.

For more specific inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact the court directly or visit their website for additional information

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