Coos County Oregon Court Directory

Coos County Oregon Court Directory


Coos County, Oregon, is home to a robust court system that plays a vital role in the administration of justice. Whether you’re a legal professional, a litigant, or a curious citizen, having access to a comprehensive court directory can be immensely beneficial. In this article, we will explore the Coos County Court Directory, its significance, how to access it, and the valuable information it provides.

Overview of Coos County, Oregon

Coos County is situated on the beautiful Oregon Coast, encompassing diverse communities and picturesque landscapes. With its rich history and close-knit communities, the county boasts a vibrant legal framework to serve its residents. The Coos County Court Directory acts as a centralized hub, connecting individuals with essential court-related information.

The Importance of Court Directories

Court directories are indispensable resources that provide users with access to a wealth of information about the court system. They enable individuals to locate court offices, find contact details, understand case types handled, and access other pertinent services. A reliable court directory ensures transparency, efficiency, and accessibility within the legal system.

Benefits of Coos County Court Directory

The Coos County Court Directory offers numerous advantages to those seeking legal information or requiring court services. By utilizing this directory, individuals can swiftly find the contact information of court offices, facilitating effective communication. Furthermore, it provides valuable insights into the types of cases handled within the county, aiding in research and preparation. The directory also helps users locate additional services and resources that might be necessary during legal proceedings.

How to Access the Coos County Court Directory

Accessing the Coos County Court Directory is simple and user-friendly. The directory is available both online and in physical form. To access it online, users can visit the official website of the Coos County Court and navigate to the directory section. Alternatively, physical copies of the directory can be obtained from the courthouse or local legal resource centers.

Understanding the Structure of the Directory

The Coos County Court Directory follows a structured format, making it easy to navigate and locate relevant information. The directory typically includes sections for court offices, judges, clerks, and other essential personnel. It also provides separate sections for each court division, allowing users to identify the specific area of interest easily.

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Key Information Provided in the Directory

The Coos County Court Directory provides a wealth of information to assist users in their legal endeavors. Some of the key information available includes the names and contact details of judges, clerks, and court staff. It also lists important court dates, filing guidelines, and procedural information for different case types. Additionally, the directory may feature additional resources such as self-help guides, legal aid services, and alternative dispute resolution options.

Types of Cases Handled in Coos County Court

Coos County Court handles a diverse range of cases, including criminal matters, civil disputes, family law cases, and probate proceedings. The directory offers insight into the specific case types heard within each court division, allowing individuals to identify the appropriate jurisdiction for their legal matters.

Court Locations and Contact Information

The Coos County Court Directory provides comprehensive details about court locations and contact information. It lists the addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses of each court office, making it convenient for individuals to reach out when necessary. This information ensures smooth communication and enables individuals to plan their visits to the court premises effectively.

Additional Services and Resources

In addition to contact information and court details, the Coos County Court Directory may feature information on additional services and resources. These could include resources for legal research, access to court forms, information on filing fees, and links to online databases for court records. By utilizing these resources, individuals can navigate the legal process with greater ease and efficiency.

Coos County Court Case Lookup: Accessing Case Information

If you’re involved in a legal matter in Coos County, Oregon, or simply interested in obtaining information about a specific court case, the Coos County Court Case Lookup provides a convenient and efficient way to access such information. The Case Lookup tool allows individuals to search for and retrieve details about court cases, including case numbers, party names, hearing dates, and case status.

To access the Coos County Court Case Lookup, you can visit the official website of the Coos County Court. Look for the “Case Lookup” or “Case Search” section, where you’ll find a search bar or query form. You can input relevant details such as the case number, party name, or hearing date to initiate the search.

Once you submit the search query, the Case Lookup tool will display a list of matching cases based on your provided information. Each entry typically includes essential details about the case, such as the case number, case type, parties involved, scheduled hearing dates, and the current status of the case. It’s important to note that some case information, particularly sensitive or confidential details, may not be available for public viewing.

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By utilizing the Coos County Court Case Lookup, you can save time and effort by accessing case information conveniently from the comfort of your own home or office. Whether you’re a party to the case, an attorney, or a curious citizen, this online tool provides valuable insights into the Coos County court system.

Coos County Courthouse Phone Number: Contacting the Court

The Coos County Courthouse serves as the central hub for legal proceedings in the county. If you need to contact the courthouse for inquiries, scheduling, or any other court-related matters, you can reach out using the following phone number: +1 541-396-7500. The court staff will be able to assist you with your specific needs, whether it’s general information, requesting court records, or navigating the court process.

When contacting the Coos County Courthouse, it’s helpful to have relevant information readily available, such as case numbers, party names, or specific questions you may have. This allows the court staff to better assist you and provide accurate information.

Coos County Court Clerk: Assisting with Administrative Matters

The Coos County Court Clerk plays a crucial role in the administrative functions of the court system. The court clerk’s office is responsible for managing court records, facilitating case filings, scheduling hearings, and providing general assistance to the public.

If you have administrative inquiries, need assistance with filing documents, or require general information about court procedures, contacting the Coos County Court Clerk is advisable. The court clerk’s office can provide guidance on filing requirements, fees, and other administrative matters. You can reach the Coos County Court Clerk’s office by contacting the courthouse directly or using the provided phone number.

Coos County Circuit Court Courthouse Coquille, OR: A Hub of Legal Proceedings

The Coos County Circuit Court Courthouse in Coquille, Oregon, serves as an important location for various legal proceedings. As the primary courthouse in Coos County, it houses courtrooms, judges’ chambers, clerk offices, and other facilities necessary for the administration of justice.

If you have a scheduled court hearing or need to visit the courthouse for any other purpose, it’s essential to be familiar with its location and address. The Coos County Circuit Court Courthouse is situated in Coquille, OR. The exact address is as follows: 250 N Baxter St Coquille, OR 97423. Ensure to plan your visit accordingly and arrive early to allow time for security procedures and any necessary preparations.

Coos County Court Docket: Tracking Scheduled Hearings

The Coos County Court Docket provides a schedule of hearings and court proceedings within the county. It serves as a comprehensive calendar, allowing parties, attorneys, and the public to track upcoming court appearances and stay informed about ongoing cases.

To access the Coos County Court Docket, you can visit the official website of the Coos County Court or contact the court clerk’s office. The docket typically includes information about case numbers, hearing dates, case types, and the names of the parties involved. It’s important to regularly check the docket for any updates or changes to your scheduled hearings.

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By keeping track of the Coos County Court Docket, you can ensure that you’re prepared and present for your court appearances, and stay informed about the progress of your case or other matters of interest.

Coos County Criminal Court: Addressing Criminal Matters

The Coos County Criminal Court is responsible for handling criminal cases within the county. These cases encompass various offenses, ranging from minor infractions to serious felonies. The criminal court system ensures due process, safeguards the rights of defendants and victims, and seeks to uphold public safety and justice.

If you’re involved in a criminal case in Coos County or require information related to criminal court proceedings, the Coos County Criminal Court is the appropriate authority to contact. By reaching out to the court clerk’s office or utilizing the available resources on the official court website, you can access relevant information, seek guidance, or address specific inquiries related to criminal matters.

Coos County Circuit Court Judges: Presiding Over Legal Matters

The Coos County Circuit Court is presided over by a panel of dedicated judges who oversee a wide range of legal matters. These judges possess extensive legal knowledge and experience, ensuring fair and impartial decisions within the court system.

The Coos County Circuit Court judges handle cases across various divisions, including criminal, civil, family law, and probate. Their responsibilities include presiding over hearings, making rulings, and delivering judgments based on the presented evidence and applicable laws.

If you have a case pending in the Coos County Circuit Court or require information about a specific judge, you can consult the Coos County Court Directory or contact the court clerk’s office. The directory provides details about the judges serving in the circuit court, including their names, contact information, and assigned divisions.


The Coos County Oregon Court Directory serves as an invaluable tool for individuals seeking legal information or engaging with the court system in Coos County. It offers a comprehensive overview of court offices, contact details, case types, and additional resources. By utilizing the directory, users can enhance their understanding of the court system, access necessary services, and ensure a smoother legal journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1: How often is the directory updated?

The Coos County Court Directory is regularly updated to ensure accuracy and provide the most up-to-date information. However, it is recommended to verify the information by contacting the court directly in case of any recent changes.

FAQ 2: Can I access court records online?

Yes, Coos County provides online access to court records through their official website. The directory may include relevant links or instructions on how to access these records electronically.

FAQ 3: Are there any fees associated with using the directory?

No, accessing the Coos County Court Directory is generally free of charge. However, certain court services or obtaining copies of court documents may involve fees as per the established guidelines.

FAQ 4: How can I request copies of court documents?

To request copies of court documents, you can contact the appropriate court office directly. The Coos County Court Directory provides the necessary contact information to facilitate such requests.

FAQ 5: What should I do if I can’t find the information I need?

If you are unable to find the specific information you need in the Coos County Court Directory, it is recommended to reach out to the court staff for further assistance. They can guide you to the appropriate resources or provide the necessary information to address your query.

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