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Working Hours:
Monday: 7:30 am–4:30 pm
Tuesday: 7:30 am–4:30 pm
Wednesday: 7:30 am–4:30 pm
Thursday: 7:30 am–4:30 pm
Friday: 7:30 am–4:30 pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed


Judge Brown, Kevin L.
Judge Ackerson-Brazille, Karen
Judge Tanaka, Gary Y,
Judge Ryu, Tammy Chung
Judge Olson, Lynn D.
Judge Hahn, Gary R.
Judge Walton, Laura
Judge Hom, Rose
Judge Barry, William P
Judge Filer, Kelvin D
Judge Cheroske, John J.
Judge Doyle, John T.
Judge Hunter, Eleanor J.
Judge Bacigalupo, Paul A
Judge Ocampo, Ricardo R.
Judge Skyers, Ronald V.
Judge Lew, Arthur M
Judge Daigh, Gary Edward
Judge Connolly, Patrick E.
Judge Deshazer, Ellen C


Magistrate P Johnstone

Chief Prosecutor

Kautz, A. Michael
Dial 1: 310-605-4065
Dial 2: 310-761-4300


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Clerk of Courts

 Alita Godwin 

The Compton Courthouse is the tallest building in Compton, situated at 200W Compton Blvd, Compton, CA 90220. The court handles all civil, criminal, traffic, and drive under the influence and domestic cases and serves the people of Compton and its surroundings. The court performs to protect the client’s liberty, nobility, and rights. The clerk’s office of Compton court works from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm five days a week. This court is also famous for speedy justice. 

Originally built as a private residence, Compton Court was later sold to the City of Compton in the 1930s and converted into a public library. The building served as a library until the 1970s, when it was closed due to budget cuts. It was then used for various purposes, including as a storage facility, a community center, and even a police station.

In 1991, Compton Court was declared a historic landmark by the City of Compton and was eventually restored to its former glory. Today, the building serves as a cultural center, hosting events, exhibitions, and concerts.

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Architecture and Design

Compton Court’s architecture and design are a stunning example of the Beaux-Arts style, a popular architectural style in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The Beaux-Arts style is characterized by its grandeur and elegance, often incorporating elements of classical architecture and design.

Compton Court features a symmetrical facade, with a central dome that is topped by a lantern. The building’s exterior is adorned with intricate details, including Corinthian columns, pediments, and decorative moldings.

Inside, the building features high ceilings, marble floors, and ornate chandeliers. The main reading room is particularly impressive, with its arched windows and grand staircase leading up to a balcony.

Gardens and Grounds

Compton Court’s gardens and grounds are just as impressive as its architecture. The building is surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens, including a rose garden, a Japanese garden, and a water fountain.

The gardens are a popular destination for weddings and other events, and many visitors come to simply enjoy a peaceful afternoon surrounded by the beauty of nature.

Events and Exhibitions

Compton Court hosts a wide range of events and exhibitions throughout the year, including art exhibitions, concerts, and cultural events. The building’s main reading room is often used for live music performances, and the gardens are a popular location for outdoor events.

In addition, Compton Court is home to several permanent exhibitions, including displays on the building’s history and architecture, as well as exhibits showcasing local artists and cultural organizations.

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Visiting Compton Court

Compton Court is open to the public and admission is free. The building is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and on Saturdays from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Guided tours of the building and gardens are available upon request.

Visitors are encouraged to take their time exploring the building and grounds, and to appreciate the beauty and history of this Southern California landmark.

Departments of Compton Court


Compton Courthouse Civil is the division that gives a system to solve fights and disputes with private parties. In Civil Cases, the accuser places a case against the defendant, and then the court jurisdiction takes the authority of handling the case. Some civil court rules must be followed whenever attending civil cases. This division also handles small claims cases. 


Compton Courthouse Criminal is a division that hears and solves cases related to criminal offenses. It hears cases where the state or the person charges a person who has committed a serious crime.


Traffic is a division that solves and hears cases involving tickets of violation and driving under the influence cases. Law Enforcement officers usually write the ticket. Most ticket violation cases are solved without appearing in court, but in some cases, it is mandatory to appear in court according to schedule.

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Family is a division in which family matters are heard and solved according to family law. It involves cases of child custody, divorce, domestic violence, and child support. It consists of two family law courtrooms with two family law bench offices.

how to do fine Payment?

Compton Courthouse Payment can be made in three ways:


A person can be made payment by visiting the court during business hours with the necessary documents.


A person can pay online by using any online method. The court accepts all types of online payment methods.


A person can send a certified check to the mailing address of Compton Court. The mailing address is 1004-1008 W 152nd St, Compton, CA 90220, United States.

How to Access Court Records?

Records can be found and searched online using these methods:

  • Search using Case Number
  • Search using Case Name
  • Search using Docket Entry
  • Search using Judge Name
  • Search using Date

how to lookup a Case ?

Case Lookup can be done in two ways:

Visit court

Visit the court during business hours and ask for case lookup record 

Search online

Some courts offer electronic record remote access, which can be searched online.

Online Case Lookup Access:

Online Case Lookup can only be accessed by certain people like:

  • Party
  • Party Authorized Person
  • Attorney of a Party
  • People appointed by the Court
  • The staff of Legal Aid
  • Government Staff

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how much are Filing Fees?

Filing Fees depend upon the type of case. For example, there are no fees for property less than $5000 claiming opposing forfeiture of seized property and domestic violence prevention request petition. $45 is the fee for the subpoena discovery of state case application. $435 is the civil harassment or school violence petition request form fee.

How to get a Marriage License?

Marriage License fees are $91 for the public marriage license and $85 for the Confidential Marriage License. To obtain a marriage license, the couples must make an appointment with the court by submitting the form online and fulfill all the eligibility requirements.

how to file a Divorce?

The Family Law Department handles Compton Courthouse Divorce cases. Divorce Attorney, Family Law Attorney, and Couple that filed for divorce must be available in family court during the divorce case hearing. The forms for divorce must be submitted to the family law clerk’s office. The Family Law Clerk Office is located on the ninth floor of the courthouse. 

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Phone: 213-6336-363


Compton Court is a hidden gem of Southern California, offering visitors a glimpse into the region’s rich history and architectural heritage. From its stunning Beaux-Arts architecture to its beautifully landscaped gardens, Compton Court is a must-see destination for anyone interested in exploring the beauty and culture of this region.

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Which cases are not allowed to access remotely from the public?

Sensitive cases like a criminal case, divorce, and child custody case, and these cases are not accessed to the public. The only person associated with these cases can access it remotely.

What are the parking fees for Compton Court?

Compton Court parking fees are free for all jurors and $5 for others.

How to contact the Compton Courthouses, Criminal Clerk?

Compton Courthouse Criminal Clerk Office is located on the fourth floor of the courthouse. You can visit the court during business hours for any information or contact them by phone.

Phone: 310 761-8658

What are the services of the City Clerk of Compton Court?

Compton Court City Clerk Services is to maintain the official record of city and elections, Program for Homeownership, Manage Public Records and Manage Municipal Code for Compton.

 How to contact the District Attorney’s Office of Compton Court?

Compton Court District Attorney’s Office is located on the seventh floor. You can contact them by visiting the office during business hours or calling them on the phone.

Phone: 310- 603-7481 (Adult matters)

Phone: 310-603-7462 (Juvenile matters)

How many public tennis courts are available in Compton?

Compton public Tennis Court consists of 535 tennis courts, and the list with all information is available online.

How many tennis park courts are available in Compton?

Compton Tennis Park Court consists of three Park courts, all lighted courts.

Why was the Compton Beauchamp court of appeal dismissed?

Compton Beauchamp’s court of appeal was dismissed because the court found out that the site was occupied by Vodafone and not by Compton Beauchamp. The appeal is disbanded because Compton Beauchamp does not grant code rights to the cornerstone.

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