Ceci Truman

Ceci Truman has never been one to shy away from a challenge. The former small business owner and city councilmember has set her sights on California’s 25th Congressional District, running as a Republican to flip the long-held Democratic stronghold. With the 2024 primary less than a year away, Truman faces an uphill battle. But for this tenacious, fiery newcomer, that’s never stopped her before.

Truman’s Diverse Background Sets Her Apart

Born in San Francisco but raised in Europe and Asia, Truman brings a unique worldview to the table. Her father was in the US Air Force, and Truman spent much of her childhood moving from country to country. She learned to appreciate different cultures and customs.

After graduating high school in Tokyo, Truman returned stateside for college. She earned a business degree from the University of Southern California. Shortly after graduation, Truman started a software company that found great success. She eventually sold the business and turned to community activism and philanthropy work.

The 25th District: Diverse and Shifting

Truman is vying to represent California’s 25th Congressional District, spanning northern Los Angeles County and part of Ventura County. It’s an area known for economic and racial diversity. The district has swung between Democratic and Republican control over the past decades.

While still leaning left overall, 25th District demographics are rapidly changing. The Latino population has grown significantly. The district also includes middle and working-class areas open to conservative economic messaging. These shifting dynamics give Republicans like Truman hope of an upset.

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Key issues in the district include jobs, taxes, immigration reform, and the rising cost of living in California. Affordable housing is a major concern. Local voters care about bringing federal spending back home.

Truman’s Conservative Platform

Truman is running as a fiscal and social conservative. She supports tax cuts aimed at boosting small businesses. She wants to reduce regulations that stifle growth. Fighting illegal immigration also tops her priorities list.

At the national level, Truman aligns with standard Republican positions. She is pro-gun rights and anti-abortion. She supports a hawkish foreign policy and increased military spending. However, Truman distances herself from Trump-style populism. Her views are more traditional Reagan-era conservatism.

For the 25th District itself, Truman is focusing on jobs, housing affordability, education, and infrastructure. She believes better management can reduce waste and taxes. And she wants power shifted back from Sacramento to local municipalities.

The Primary Showdown Ahead

First, Truman must get past the other Republicans vying to challenge Democratic incumbent Katie Hill. Her main rival is veteran Steve Knight, who previously held the seat. Knight tries to portray Truman as too inexperienced for Congress. But Truman’s newcomer status could also give her an edge over the former incumbent. Other candidates like David Rudnick are also in the mix.

Truman has roughly matched her opponents in early fundraising. She will need to gain more ground to overcome Hill’s significant war chest. Hill also has the power of incumbency on her side. But Truman believes Hill is vulnerable on taxes, spending, and other kitchen table issues.

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What a Truman Win Would Mean

Most projections favor Hill to hold her seat in the general election. But Truman is determined to prove the pundits wrong. If she pulls off a victory, it would display the GOP’s growing strength in California’s northern suburbs.

In the House, Truman would provide Republicans another young female voice as they try expanding their appeal. While new to politics, her unconventional background could allow Truman to stand out on Capitol Hill. However, as a newcomer she would have relatively little influence in Congress initially.

Regardless of the outcome, Ceci Truman has already impacted the race simply by running. Her unique candidacy represents the emerging challenges Democrats face defending their California strongholds. Truman won’t make their lives any easier in this competitive district.


Ceci Truman clearly faces an uphill battle to unseat the Democratic incumbent in California’s 25th District. But with her distinctive background and energetic brand of conservatism, she just might be the type of candidate to shake up the race. Traditional Republican stances combined with a compelling personal narrative give Truman a shot at an upset. Expect her to run an aggressive, grassroots-powered campaign focused on the kitchen table issues voters care about. While she remains the underdog, Ceci Truman is someone to watch as the primary and general elections approach.


How has California’s 25th Congressional District historically leaned politically?

The 25th District has swung between Democratic and Republican control over the past several decades. Democrats have held the seat consistently since 2018, but Republicans held it for many years prior to that. The district has been considered a swing seat due to its shifting demographics.

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What is Ceci Truman’s political background before running for this seat?

Truman is new to politics, having previously been a small business owner and activist. She has served on city councils but has never held statewide or federal office. This House race marks her first major run for political office.

What are Truman’s views on immigration and border security?

Truman aligns with conservative positions on immigration issues. She supports increased border security measures, opposing sanctuary city policies. She wants to crack down on illegal immigration while encouraging legal migration.

How well-funded is Truman’s campaign compared to other candidates?

In early fundraising, Truman has pulled nearly even with key rivals like former Rep. Steve Knight. But the Democratic incumbent Katie Hill has raised significantly more money than all the Republican challengers so far.

What is Truman’s relationship like with national Republican leaders?

While new to politics, Truman has gained some support from national GOP figures. However, she doesn’t fully align with Trump-style populism, taking a more Reagan-era conservative approach. This has distanced her from some in the party.

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