Brown County Court

Brown County Municipal Court


Working Hours:
Monday: 8:00 AM–4.00 PM
Tuesday: 8:00 AM–4.00 PM
Wednesday: 8:00 AM–4.00 PM
Thursday: 8:00 AM–4.00 PM
Friday: 8:00 AM–4.00 PM
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed


Judge Joseph M. Worley


Magistrate Jessica Little

Chief Prosecutor

Zac Corbin
Dial: 937- 378-6358
Fax: 937-378-2462


Connect with a Attorney

Clerk of Courts

 Wendy Wagner
  Tami Curliss-Waits
Susan Taylor
Michelle Kirschner
Brandi Warner

Brown County Municipal Court was established in 1818 in Ripley in the memory of 1812 war hero Jacob Brown; then, a courthouse was established in 1823 in Georgetown. Brown Municipal Country Club has the right to issue directions and lawful writes. This court will give the schedule of Waiver and Bond and also be responsible for the Probation Department Operation. They also resolve cases related to domestic relations like family matters, divorces, etc. Brown County Municipal Court website provides all the information related to issues, courts, public documents, and many more.

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How to do Case Search?

Case Search can be done in two ways

Case Search

In Case Search, fill in all the information given on the website like Name, Date of Hearing, File Date, Number of Tickets, Case Number, and Type of Case. After filling in all the information, you can get the Case information.

Calendar Search

In Calendar Search, enter the beginning date of the case and the type of case, and you can get the case information.

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How to Do Fine Payments?

Brown Municipal Court payment can be made in three ways:


A person can make payment by visiting the court during business hours with the necessary documents.


A person can make payments online by using any online payment system. The court accepts all online payment methods.


A person can send a check to the mailing address of Brown County Municipal Court. The mailing address is 770 Mt Orab Pike, Georgetown, OH 45121, United States.

What are Waiver/Bond Schedule?

Brown County Municipal Court Waiver/Bond Schedule gives the schedule information about Bond Schedule of Natural Resources Watercraft and Wildlife by Ohio Department, Traffic and Crime Case Payout Schedule, and Bonds Journal Entry. If anyone wants this information,  download the schedule, and you can get all the information.

What Forms Are available?

Brown Municipal Court Forms contain Common Pleas Court Forms that include Request Form for public record and Form for sensitive documents like identification of public.

How much is the Passport Fees?

Brown Municipal Court passport fees depend upon fee type, and it contains passport book, card, and optional service fees. For example, for the passport of Adults- First Time, the execution fees for Passport Book and Card is $25 and for payment of U.S. Department passport fees are $110 for Passport Book and $30 for Passport Card.

what Does Probation Department do?

Brown County Municipal Court Probation Department will help to protect the community by harmlessly and effectively supervising probationers at a very suitable level to affect habilitation or rehabilitation

what are GUIDELINES for Probation ?

Brown County Municipal Court Probation Guidelines are:

  • Set a positive instance
  • For behavior modification facilities, suitable and effective community resources are implemented
  • Make sure that the individuals have a clear perception of their condition of management.
  • Offender must be accountable for violating probation

What Does Title Division of County do?

Brown County Municipal Court Title Division gives information on Titles about ownership proof, filing fees, Attorney Power, Changing of Name and Address, Sales Tax, Vehicle Buying, and many more.

About Domestic Relation

Brown County Municipal Court Domestic Relation is the Brown County Common Pleas Court. It is responsible for listening to domestic issues, like family matters, divorce, custody cases, or any issue related to family issues.

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Phone: 937-378-3233

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How many rules are for Brown County Municipal Court?

Brown County Municipal Court rules consist of nine local rules which everyone must follow.

What are Brown County Municipal Court Passports?

Brown County Municipal Court Passports contain Passport Book, Passport Card, and Passport optional services.

What are Brown County Municipal Court Passports Optional Service Fees?

Brown County Municipal Court Passports Optional Service Fees include File Search Fee for $150, Processing Expedite for $60, and $18.30 for Return Fee Delivery Overnight.

How is Brown County Municipal Court Probationer Search Access?

Brown County Municipal Court Probationer Search can only be accessed if you have an account. Type the User Name and Passport, and the Probationer Search will be accessed.

How many offenders are on probation?

380 Offenders  97% of felony offenders are on probation supervised under Brown County Adult Probation Department.

How can one access Court entries relating to a case or find an offender’s court date?

Brown County Court of Common Pleas Clerk’s Office can help a person access court entries related to a case or find an offender’s court date.

Phone: 937-378-3100

What is Proof of Ownership Title Fees?

$15 for title certification, $3.50 for fees of inspection, and the title insurance fee that must be paid to the Clerk of Court is $1.50.

What are the Fees for Late Filing?

$5 is the fee for late filing. If you do not pay the fees for filing for up to 30 days, then $5 is added to the costs.

What is eligibility for Juror?

The Eligibility criteria for a juror are 18+ age limit, U.S. citizen. Good English communication skills. People aged 70+ or having experience as a police officer, attorney, or dentist are not eligible.

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