Bessemer Courthouse

Bessemer Courthouse


Working Hours:
Monday: 8:00 AM–4.00 PM
Tuesday: 8:00 AM–4.00 PM
Wednesday: 8:00 AM–4.00 PM
Thursday: 8:00 AM–4.00 PM
Friday: 8:00 AM–4.00 PM
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed


 Judge Annetta H. Verin 
Judge Reginald Jeter
Judge David Carpenter 
Judge David J. Hobdy 
Judge Thrash


 Ben Larkin 

Chief Prosecutor

Matthew R. Hamel
Dial: 205-426-8602
Fax: 205-481-4384


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Bessemer Courthouse is a government institute located in Bessemer, Alabama. In this courthouse, all the legal affairs must be solved using the law. The Bessemer Courthouse contains a municipal court that serves as a judicial branch, where civil, criminal, and domestic cases are heard and solved. It also includes a Jefferson Country Bessemer Courthouse. The mission of this court is to give services to the citizens of Bessemer in an executive manner. They also provide a resourceful service to people whenever required.

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What are duties of Court Clerk?

Bessemer Courthouse Court Clerk Office is responsible for public records maintained in the country. It provides access to records publically for law and regulation. The clerk’s office offers the facilities of all types of licenses, property records, voter registration, and many more.

what is purpose of Municipal Court?

Bessemer Courthouse Municipal Court serves the city of Bessemer as a judicial branch of the governing body. The main objective and goal are to provide justice in all the non-felony criminal cases that happen in the city of Bessemer. The municipal court also hears and solves criminal, domestic, traffic, and parking violation cases.

Is District Court available at BESSEMER?

Yes, Bessemer County District Court is a government institute located in Bessemer, Alabama. In this court, legal fights are resolved according to law. In the District Criminal court, the defendant’s case of breaking the law is brought by the government. In District Civil Court, citizen fights are solved.

what is Bessemer Municipal Court Operation A.B.C?

Bessemer Courthouse Municipal Court Operation A.B.C is a community correction program developed by the Bessemer Municipal Court & Lawson State Community College Adult Education program as a collaborative initiative of the community partner. Operation A.B.C stands for Operation Arrested but Corrected, and it is surrounded by three components that are:

  • Certified Program for Nursing Assistant
  • Certified Program for Construction Apprentice
  • CDL Class B
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What are duties of Traffic Court?

Bessemer Traffic Court gives information about the processing of tickets, instruction for payment, cost for court, and driving school for defense. The hearing for traffic court was held in the district for the criminal division. A person should bring all documents to the traffic court hearing if the person wants to solve the case on the first attempt.

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How much Bessemer Traffic Court Costs?

Bessemer Traffic Court Costs depend upon the type of violation. Some fines can be paid online, but for some violations, a visit with a penalty is compulsory. An offense like Improper Backing fines and cost is $190, Failure to Use Child Restraint Fine and Cost is $195, No helmet fine and cost is $180, Improper Tag Fine and Cost is $195, etc.

What are Payment Information?

A personal check is not acceptable. Payment and signed guilty plea must reach the Clerk’s office before the deadline. If the settlement is not caught in time, an order for a warrant of arrest or suspension of driving license is given.

Bessemer Traffic Court Processing:

Bessemer Traffic Court consists of two processing:

  • Processing of No-Insurance Ticket
  • Processing of No State Driver’s License Ticket 

What are Family Court functionaility

Bessemer Courthouse, Family Court cases are handled by Jefferson County Court. They hear and solve instances of family in which a child is involved. They take and solve issues like child custody and child supervision and protect children from abuse. Their program and administration include program departments, volunteer and training services, enforcement for child support, probation service, clerk, and register.

Bessemer Family Court Child Support:

Bessemer Family Court Child Support provides the monitoring and imposition of child support cases ordered by court IV-D through an agreement between the Jefferson County Commission and Jefferson County Department of Human Resources. The child support form is available online on E-Forms, and all guidelines are general on the form.

how to do Probation in BESSEMER:

Bessemer Courthouse Probate contains forms for all probation information. The available state is the Attorney fee for Involuntary Commitment, Adoption Petition, and Consent for Adult Adoption. You can download the E-form and get all the information.

Bessemer Family Court Civil Petition:

The Intake Office will help every person in the Family Court for the filling out the following civil petition:

  • Ala. Code, § 12-15-3] (2), Parentage of a child
  • Ala. Code, § 30-3-60. Support for children
  • Code, § 30-5-2. Safety of child from abuse where there is no pending divorce
  • Ala. Code, § 26-21-4.Parent consent for abortion waiver
  • Ala. Code, § 12-15-30(b) (2) & 2618-1 et seq. disabilities removal of a minor nonage  

 how to get Marriage License?

Bessemer Courthouse Marriage License is given by Jefferson County, and the fee for the filling form is $84 and $3 for the license fee. After application submission, a wedding ceremony is done for the couple, and then the couple gets a marriage license.

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Where is the location of the Bessemer Courthouse Probate Office?

Bessemer Courthouse Probate Office is located at 1801 3rd Ave N, Bessemer, AL 35020.

Which online forms are received from the clerk’s office?

Online forms received from the clerk’s office are:

  • Request for Public Documents Application Forms
  • Honorary Street Sign Application Form

When appearing in court is mandatory?

You must appear in court if you have an invalid state driver’s license or your case is dismissed. The address for the court is Karen Dunn Burks, Clerk 1851 Second Ave North Bessemer, AL 35020.

What is the timing of the Bessemer Municipal Court?

Bessemer Municipal Court Timing are follow:

  • Monday and Thursday at 4:00 pm
  • Wednesday and Friday at 8:00 am
  • Thursday at 9:00 pm for Domestic Violence Case

Which type of case is handled by Bessemer Circuit Court?

Bessemer Circuit Court handles civil, criminal, appellate, general, and contempt cases.

What should I wear during jury service?

You should wear some decent, comfortable, and nice clothes that reflect the seriousness of the jury service.

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