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Berkshire Probate and Family Court

Welcome to Berkshire Probate and Family Court, your gateway to legal proceedings related to family matters and probate in Pittsfield, MA. In this comprehensive guide, we will take you through all the essential information you need to know about Berkshire Probate and Family Court. From its location and contact details to the services it offers, we’ve got you covered.


Berkshire Probate and Family Court is situated at 44 Bank Row, Pittsfield, MA 01201. Whether you’re a local resident or traveling from afar, finding your way to the court is straightforward.

Contact Information

For any inquiries or assistance, you can reach out to Berkshire Probate and Family Court through the following contact channels:

  • Register’s Office: Call (413) 442-6941
  • Probation Department: Call (413) 443-9469
  • Online: Email at [email protected]
  • Fax: (413) 443-3430

Online Access

Modern times call for modern solutions. Berkshire Probate and Family Court offers an online platform for your convenience. Here’s what you can do online:

  • View Daily List (PDF): Stay updated with court proceedings by accessing the daily list online.
  • Public Access to Berkshire Probate and Family Court: Gain easy access to court dockets, calendars, and case information.
  • Sign Up for Civil Court Date Text Reminders (PDF): Never miss an important court date again with text reminders.
  • Forms: Download and fill out necessary court forms online.
  • Filing Fees: Learn about the filing fees associated with different court processes.
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Berkshire Probate and Family Court offers a wide range of services to cater to your legal needs. Some of the key services include:

  • Probate Matters: Handle the legal process of estate administration smoothly.
  • Family Matters: Resolve issues related to divorce, child custody, and more.
  • Guardianship: Ensure the well-being of minors or incapacitated individuals.
  • Adoptions: Navigate the legal complexities of adoption proceedings.
  • Name Changes: Understand the process of legally changing your name.
  • Protection Orders: Seek legal protection from abuse or harassment.

Parking Facilities

Parking around the court complex is available, although it is limited. For more parking options, you can utilize municipal parking lots located in the downtown area on First Street, West Street, Depot Street, and Summer Street.

Public Transportation

If you prefer public transportation, the Berkshire Regional Transit Authority (BRTA) provides daily bus services throughout the Pittsfield area and offers routes to South and North County as well. You can contact BRTA at (413) 499-2782 for more information.


Berkshire Probate and Family Court offers a range of services, making it a crucial resource for legal matters. Some of the notable services include:

  • eFiling in the Probate and Family Court: Simplify your court filings through electronic means.
  • eReminder Notifications: Sign up to receive notifications about your court events electronically.


Ensuring accessibility is a priority at Berkshire Probate and Family Court. If you have specific accessibility needs or questions, please contact one of the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) coordinators below:

Alida McDarby

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Karen Lacey

More Information

To gather additional information about Berkshire Probate and Family Court, you can explore the following:

  • Judge’s Lobby: Hon. Richard A. Simons, First Justice
  • Register’s Office: Anthony P. Patella, Register
  • Probation Department: Amy Koenig, Chief Probation Officer

For all your legal needs within Berkshire County, Berkshire Probate and Family Court is here to serve you. Whether you’re seeking legal advice, filing documents, or attending court events, this institution provides valuable resources to support your legal journey.


  1. How do I access court case records online?
    • You can access court case records online by following the instructions provided on the court’s website.
  2. What are the specialized court sessions in Barnstable County?
    • Barnstable County offers various problem-solving courts, including Adult and Juvenile Drug Courts, Veterans’ Treatment Courts, Mental Health Courts, Homeless Court, and more. These sessions focus on treatment and supervision for specific offender groups.
  3. Can I find legal forms for non-court purposes on the court’s website?
    • Yes, the court provides legal forms for purposes beyond court proceedings, such as tax forms, contracts, and wills. You can find these forms in the Massachusetts Trial Court Law Libraries section.
  4. How can I seek assistance with conciliation for my case?
    • The Barnstable County Bar Association offers a conciliation program for Probate and Family Court cases. You can inquire about this service and seek assistance through the association.
  5. Where can I file a complaint against an attorney in Massachusetts?
    • Information about filing a complaint against an attorney in Massachusetts is available through the Massachusetts Board of Bar Overseers. They provide details on the process and agencies that handle attorney discipline.
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